Biking from Ixtapa to Zihua

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Escrito por LongIslandDawn desde ( el día viernes, 28 de mayo, 2004 a las 12:13:52 horas :


This board is great, and I have learned many useful things about our upcoming trip. We are heading there in 30 days, (not that I am counting,) for our honeymoon. My questions are these: 1. If Ixtapa and Zihua are only a couple of KMs apart, is it possible to rent bikes and ride there? If so, where? 2. I have read many of the postings about money, but I have not seen this addressed. Should we exchange our US dollars for Pesos here at an exchange place? Or should we just wait until we arrive in Mexico? We are being picked up at the airport by a car service and want to be able to tip the driver. I have heard that the ATM at the airport is a hassel. Thanks!

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