Trip Report 5/29 - 6/2 part two

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Escrito por Bobbi in Denver desde ( el día sábado, 05 de junio, 2004 a las 18:03:21 horas :

A continuation of our trip last weekend...

Monday - Barra de Potosi. I've been wanting to go out this way for a couple of years, so we located the bus terminal where you can board the bus headed to Petatlan. Our bus driver was a bit "crazy" - there were a couple of times we thought we were going to hit or be hit by another vehicle, but we made it to the Los Achotes stop in one piece. The truck to the beach left a few minutes later. We found it interesting that some of the road was paved, but not the portion leading from the main highway. A lady in truck saved me from being stung by some kind of insect ;-).

We spent a good part of the day at La Condessa, using their beach chairs, hammocks and shade. The food was very good and we were the only ones there for about the first 90 minutes. A couple of families showed up around lunch time. It was fun to watch some of the fisherman running their boats all the way up on the beach. We were feeling really lazy, so definitely got a lot of sun but didn't explore much - gives me a reason to go back again! Took the truck back to the main road and caught the bus back to Zihua.

Stopped back in to Bambino's because Victor had told me that if he saw Senor Gunnysack that he would buy some of his product for me. Victor hadn't seen him that day, but he did persuade us to have a couple of margaritas and some food (he didn't have to try too hard!). I had the sopa azteca which was tortilla soup and Iliana had the pasta bolognese. Both were very good and cheap! Another couple there at the same time ordered a calzone (huge!) and the pasta alfredo - they looked really good too. Our guardian angel dog appeared again and hung out with us for about an hour.

Then we took the bus to Ixtapa. Checked out Carlos & Charlies hoping for a nice sunset, but it was very cloudy and sprinkling a no luck. Walked down to Mama Norma's to say hi to Deborah (got there just about closing time so didn't eat anything), then over to Senor Frog's for some dancing. It was pretty quiet there until about 11PM, then some people started dancing. It turned out to be a pretty fun night and I got to practice my Spanish with a psychologist from Mexico City who spoke little lessons paid off as we had a nice conversation. Took a cab back to Z after a stop at 24 hour tacos, since we realized that it was already several hours into Tuesday by the time we finished our snacks.

Couple more notes about Ixtapa...stopped in to see Patricia at Los Huaraches in Ixtapa. I met Patricia outside the supermarket in January and she persuaded us to come to her place for some cold cervezas. She remembered us right away, that we were from Denver and had been here for volleyball - I don't know how the people in Z do that - it happens everywhere we go! We had some drinks and she served us some cold, fresh mango...yummy! If you stop in there, ask to see the picture of her handsome grandfather and tell her we said hello!

Also, stopped by Frank's in Ixtapa and said hi, but didn't eat or drink there. We had lunch there in January - the food was good and he was very accommodating to our large group (around 12 people).

Have to get back to work (ick!) but will try to add another post with more info soon.

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