Everyone's favorite Zihua dog...and brief trip report

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Escrito por Maureen in Denver desde (douglas.co.us) el día lunes, 07 de junio, 2004 a las 14:18:20 horas :

Bobbi - thanks for your reports. We were in Zihua from 5/29 until 6/5 - our return flight on Frontier was quiet too.

We too fell in love with your guardian angel dog. We didn't see him as often as we would have liked. We bought (and carried around) food, flea medicine, and a flea color for him. We didn't see him after we got the flea stuff - but he did get quite a few good meals off us. He was so appreciative! He loves the cold/fresh water from the bucket of beers.

We left the flea collar and medicine with Carlos at Bungalows Ley. If anyone sees our dog buddy and is near Playa Madera - stop in and get the medicine and leftover food from Carlos (he probably thinks we’re crazy). See link for photo of the dog that has captured so many hearts.

This was our first trip to Zihua and it was fantastic! My parents and my sister had never been to Mexico before, and Zihua was the perfect place for them to fall under the spell of Mexico (a spell we've been under for years).

As I mentioned, we stayed at Bungalows Ley - in #1 (the Club Madera suite). It was great - what an awesome patio! The staff was excellent. We were happy to have a/c - living in Denver has gotten us quite unaccustomed to humidity. I can’t say too much about the locat1on of Bungalows Ley. We were a pleasant 10 minute walk to the center of town. It was another 10 –15 minutes to Playa la Ropa. We were glad to have chosen Playa Madera for our home base.

It seems that over the course of 7 days we ate at all the hot spots in town. We never had a bad meal. I was surprised how few tourists were in town – I know it was low season, but other than the meals we ate at Playa la Ropa, we were almost always the only people in restaurants. I hope the in-town places do well in-season. It seemed that the tourists must stay at La Ropa for most meals – that would be a shame for them. We tried to spread our business around – breakfast at one place, lunch at another, hora feliz at another, and dinner at yet another. Every meal and every person we met was GREAT!

At $88 one way (or so I read here), we may be back sooner rather than later....!

Back to work for me. If you see THE dog, take care of him. Thanks for this great message board.

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