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Ixtapa/Zihua May 29 – June 5, 2004

Flew on America West airlines roundtrip from Los Angeles to Ixtapa/Zihua. We had a connecting flight in Phoenix and arrived in Mexico on time. Service was standard, however, America West does not serve any food, only beverages so bring a snack along or buy food at the airport to take onboard the aircraft. You are permitted to bring your own food onboard and in fact are encouraged to do so.

Once we arrived in Ixtapa/Zihua we passed through Mexican Immigration with east but I got the “red light” in Mexican Customs. The 2 officials made a customary examination of my bags and I was cleared in less than 3 minutes. My girlfriend got a kick watching me get flagged but her glee quickly changed when the custom official informed her that since she was traveling with me and on the same entry form documentation, she was subject to the search too. Accordingly, I became gleeful :D

We quickly found our pre-arranged taxi and headed straight to our accommodations at Villa Zanzibar ( It was approximately 3:00pm and the temperature was around 87 degrees and very humid too. We arrived at the very far south end of La Ropa Beach, called “Punta Marina” by the locals. A staff member of the villa was there to greet us and assist with our bags.

What can I say or use to describe Villa Zanzibar? Words like peaceful, tranquility, quiet interludes, breath taking views, beautiful flora and fauna, treehouse, relaxing, privacy are but only some of the words that describe this beautiful villa. The pictures on Lois and David’s web only capture but a small segment of what this place really has to offer its guests.

We had a terrific maid by the name of Natie who had prepared homemade guacamole and salsa fresca for arrival. She also made an excellent fruit salad out of fresh pineapple, mangos and other fruits. Kinda nice after riding around on planes for 4 hours to sit down, dive into some fresh guacamole and chips and then chase it with a nice cold Corona beer, already stocked in the fridge. The living room, dining room, and kitchen face the bay and have pretty much unrestricted 180 degree views. Can’t see Playa Madera very will because of the point but other than that the view is fantastic. At the night the view is even more spectacular because you can see all the twinkling lights from “El Centro” or downtown Zihua. We got fortunate enough that it was a full moon during our week stay, so picture this…10pm at night, it’s at least 83 degrees out, sipping a nice cold one, listening to Gilbert Astrud’s “Girl From Ipanema”, kicking back on a comfortable equipale sofa and taking in a most breath taking view of the bay at while watching the moon's rays bounce off a sea of black smooth glass. Hopefully we will get some pictures up soon for all to see.

My Mother and Father arrived the following day and we quite pleased with Villa Zanzibar as well. They wanted to steal Natie and take her back with them to the US. They were sad to leave the place too…
Anyway, if and when we visit Ixtapa/Zihua again, Villa Zanzibar would be on the top of our list. Just can’t say enough about the place and the folks who rent it out. Lois went out of the away to help pick up my parent’s from the airport and declined our offer to reimburse her for gas money. I thought that was pretty nice of her to do and is an example of the personal service they offer to their guests at Villa Zanzibar.

First night we ate at Rossy’s. Shrimp tacos were great and the staff was friendly. We actually ate lunch there a couple times and breakfast once. Rossy’s makes awesome French toast and the huevos rancheros dish is tasty too. Place I would recommend to check out. Great prices make it even better.

Sunday we went grocery shopping at the Commercial Mexicana. There was some discussion on here regarding an affiliation with Walmart. Commercial Mexicana is not affiliated with Walmart but it does have some type of arrangement with Costco. You can buy Kirkland Signature products in the store (Kirkland is product of Costco) and we were told by a local that Commercial Mexicana get some of its supplies from the Costco in Acapulco.

If you are staying at a place that has a kitchen or fridge, I would definitely recommend stopping by Commercial Mexicana. The staff was very helpful and eager to help us “gringos.” We got free tasting slices of meat from the deli section and one of the workers brought our fresh made corn tortillas right off the press. They were still very warm when the worker gave the stack to us. You can buy 18 fresh eggs for like $.90 USD and fresh baked bread is sold at $.07 USD. Those are only some of the ridiculous low prices we found. We bought a half a kilo of calamari filets for around $2.00 USD and I am talking fresh stuff too. We had so much left over calamari we had to give the rest to Natie the day we left.

We also met “Will” at Commercial Mexicana who runs “Casa Bahia”. Will was kind enough to help us out with in the liquor section of the market in choosing a nice tequila to make margaritas and pina colodas. We did eat at Casa Bahia on Thursday night and enjoyed every moment of it. Will share more later. Thanks Will for the assistance…the tequila you recommended was great.

Monday night we ate at Paty’s. I had fish in a wine cream mushroom sauce. It cost $8.50 USD and it was fantastic. Honestly, I can’t remember what everyone else ate but I know they enjoyed it all. Watching the sunset at Paty’s and enjoying the good food is all I can remember. The staff at Paty’s is great. We ate our last dinner the night before we left Ixtapa/Zihua. Oh yeah, we got stranded at Paty’s our first visit there when a “very hard” rain hit. No worries, we all just moved inside and continued our celebration while watching a most impressive downpour.

Part 2 later….

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