Trip Report Part Deux

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Ixtapa/Zihua May 29 – June 5, 2004

Tuesday we pretty much lounged around and ate at Villa Zanzibar. We did visit Tamales Y Atoles Any for lunch. Service was fine and the food very good. Talames’ serves killer pecan and strawberry tamales. Never tried them before but they sure were tasty. We also enjoyed the best pina colodas there too.

Just by chance we ran into a guy by the name of Captain Moses on Playa Da Ropa during the day. We arranged to go fishing the next day and Captain Moses offered to pick us up right on the beach in front of La Gaviota restaurant at 7:30am.

Next morning we awoke only to find the weather overcast and it was raining. The bay looked somewhat rough too. Being the adventurous sort and because we really wanted to go fishing (some wagers and heavy trash talking bound us to this course) we embarked on our fishing expedition competition (men v women).

We saw our boat the “Osiris” waiting for us, but Captain Moses wasn’t aboard but a younger man instead. Turns out we got a Captain Martin instead of Captain Moses as Moses was helping his nephew on another boat. BTW we rented a “panga” boat at $120 USD which included fishing, bait, fresh drinking water, beer, 3 poles, snorkeling equipment and all the other necessities needed for a day of fishing (7:30am – 2pm).

As I mentioned previously the weather wasn’t so hot so we trolled around the bay for approximately 2 hours. We attempted to go out further but my Mother was having difficulty maintaining herself in the 2-3 ft seas (very seasick prone). Finally at around 10am the sun came out and the seas grew more calm. We headed straight out and in less than 1 hour, we hooked 5 black tuna all legal size. The most exhilarating part was when my Father, Girlfriend, and I all hooked up at the exact same time. Captain Martin couldn’t believe it, but all 3 of us were reeling them in. Good thing we had 2 cameras on board to capture the moment.

At approximately 11am we headed towards Las Gatas beach to eat our delicious catches of the day at a Martin’s Brother’s restaurant. I don’t remember the name of it but they did a superb job of filleting and grilling our black tuna for us. Fresh corn tortillas, rice, beans, and a mini salad were all to be had. Yes, we downed a couple of cervezas too.

At about this time I decided it was time to catch some waves. The point in front of Las Gatas (nice left) was breaking at about 2-4 ft. As the waves made it inshore and hit the reef, they really hollowed out until the waves got mushy as they moved closer to the beach. There was a few surfers out and they were getting solid good rides. On Thursday the waves were even better at Las Gatas and Play Ropa was getting some nice 3 ft. sets too. I’d say on Thursday there was a lineup of approximately 12-14 guys, mostly locals, all ripping it up. I think there must of have been a storm somewhere because I heard a lot of people remarking that it was unusual for La Ropa and Las Gatas to be breaking so big. By Friday the swell was gone D:

Wednesday night we at Casa Bahia, which is run by the name of a guy name “Will”. Will wasn’t there the night we dined at his restaurant but the food was sure good. No problem with the service either. The décor of the Casa Bahia is nice but the real gem is getting a table with a view of the bay. Casa Bahia sets above on the cliffside or hillside so it has a commanding view of the bay. Wednesday night the skies were pretty much clear and it was a full moon. What a perfect way to end a day, when it appeared the day was going to be crappy. 5 black tuna caught, rode some nice waves, met some nice locals like Captain Martin and his family, and enjoyed the lively discussions of 4 intoxicated people on a relaxing vacation, while slowly puffing on a nice Cohiba…….Thanks Casa Bahia for good night’s ending!

Thursday night was my Parent’s last night in Ixtapa/Zihua so we decided to spend the day over at Ixtapa and dine at Bogarts for dinner. Ixtapa is a very beautiful city and I could readily recognize, as anyone would, the stark contrasts between Ixtapa and Zihua. Ixtapa remind me a lot of the Bahamas or Hawaii. Big water front hotels line the beach, landscaped palm trees everywhere, and lots of green cut grass.

We at lunch at Carlos & Charlies. The food was okay but it was pricey, as we expected it be. After lunch we headed down to the beach where we found 2 white large tents advertising massages. Naturally, not wanting to miss an opportunity like this I asked one of the masseuses at the tent how much for a massage. I was told $10 USD for 45 minutes….WoW! I was like I can get a 45 minute massage on the beach for $10,“yes” came the reply. My Girlfriend, Mother and I all received massages and when it was over, I felt like I was in a deep sleep. Listening the waves crash on the beach and have a net set of hands and fingers penetrate my tense body…slowly but surely easing away the tensions of the “rat race” back home was a sure winner. I felt so good afterward I didn’t remember the taxi ride back to La Ropa.

Part three....

PS My girlfriend caught 3 of the black tuna out of the 5, so my Dad and me were regulated to chum and I am quite sure I will never hear the end of it from my Girlfriend…beginners luck I tell ya! *wink*

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