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Escrito por Surferdad desde ( el día jueves, 08 de julio, 2004 a las 17:41:28 horas :

Hi all! The following is a condensed version of our trip to Troncones from 6/20 to 7/1.
Remember, this is based on my observations, experiences and opinions only!

Alaska, LAX to ZIH. Get to LAX early, expect to pay $10 to $13 bucks a day for parking.
Had to pay Alaska $50 bucks each way for my 3 surfboards I packed carefully in a padded "surfboard coffin" (Dakine)
Flight was 3.2 hrs, no big deal or delays.
ZIH airport was easy to get through. minimal paperwork.

Rental car:
Went through Orbitz paid about $525 for 12 days in a four door newer compact car. It was about the size of a Toyota Camry. It did have A/C! Insurance was also included in this price. I highly recommend renting a car when going to Troncones! Many surf breaks to go to. The car was the right size for me, my wife and 2 teenagers. Pack lightly.
The drive to Troncones was about 30 minutes.
Excellent roads. Turn left into Troncones right after the 30 KM sign (painted on the street) Well marked.

Drive a few KM down the road, go to the end and and depending on where you are staying, make a right or left. Casas Gregorio, you make a right and travel a couple of KM's until you see the sign on the torn up fence but don't let the fence condition fool you. Casas Gregorio is awesome!

Casas Gregorio:
beautiful Casas, cute bungalows and a great pool in between the Casas. Ernie met us out front. He is such a nice fellow and made us feel welcome. Ernie arranged a cook for us the first night and Anjelica prepared us some fantastic chile rellenos with beans and rice and homemade tortillas! AWESOME!!!
We liked her so much, we had her cook dinner for us about every 3rd night. all her meals were beyong descr1ption! They were soooo good! Ask her to make you carnitas. The best I have ever had! The meals were about $30 bucks for 4 and we always had plenty of leftovers! Rene and his family take excellent care of the grounds. Santa, his wife cleans the units each day and she does a great job. In the 11 nights we were there, I got a kick out of seeing what design she was going to fold into the blanket on the bed each day. She never made the same design twice! What an imagination!
The view from the Living room and bedrooms is nothing less than spectacular!
The beach was clean, but I would warn small children and inexperienced swimmers to use extreme caution when swimming in the ocean in front of the casas. Large rocks and sometimes a strong shorebreak. Calmer waters can be found 5 minutes away at Manzanillo Bay. Sometimes, the surf was good enough for a few rides right in front of the casas.
I'm glad the casas had ceiling fans throughout as it would have been miserable due to the hot weather and humidity. Even with the fans, sometimes it got real hot so we retreated to the pool with and ice cold SOL cerveza. Ernie will sell you a case of SOL for about $15 U.S. The area has several dogs walking around. Our favorite was named Bayrudda. She was a small Chihuaha like dog with a bushy tail and ended up spending the entire vacation with us. My daughter wanted to bring her home with us. It was hard saying goodby to Bayrudda. I would highly recommend Casas Gregorio. the whole experience from booking the unit to checking out was outstanding. Keep in mind that while this was great for us, if you like A/C and drinks with umbrellas, you better stay at one of the large hotels in Ixtapa or Z.

get all of your supplies for an extended stay
at the Comercial Mexicana in Zihua. They had everything you can possibly need. The ATM works fine there too. Any day to day needs can be bought at the little stores (Gabys) in Troncones.

Beaches and surfing;
Troncones...Nice sandy beaches with rocks in some areas. The beach in front of the restaurant Burro Borrocho is nice and sandy with few rocks. Surfing was decent on some days on other days, the waves close out and create a shore break.
Saladita... Nicest wave I have ever surfed on. Long lefts from the point. water temp in the entire area about 82F. About a 20 minute drive from Troncones. Now the down side about Saladita. It was one of the dirtiest beaches I have ever seen. Trash, plastic and litter all over. My wife couldnt even lay on the beach due to the flies and bugs buzzing the trash. Real sad. Also, crowded on the point in the mornings. I counted over 42 people on the break most mornings. Unfortunately, I also noticed that there were near fights and rudeness by groups of visitors to Saladita. One group from Houston thought they owned the break. Maybe I should clarify that, a few of the group from Houston were jerks. Some of the other guys were nice and willing to share the break. These guys were my age (40's) acting like some of our California locals who act like punks. Some of these guys did not care who they cut off or ran over. One of the guys yelled at my daughter and said to her that she should go elsewhere. He referred to her as a "tope" (bump in the road) anyway we packed up and left. There is strength in numbers there. We just wanted to have a good time. No hassles.
Manzanillo Bay... Excellent point break. Lots of fun, Not crowded, cool locals. (thanks Jesus we had fun surfing with you everyday) Very clean beach. Only a few minutes from Troncones. The Inn at Manzanillo is beautiful. If I was going to stay somewhere for 5 days or less, that would be the place. Real cute bungalows.
Good food.

OTHER STUFF...We liked the market Comercial Mexicana better than Bodega. Although Bodegas prices were slightly lower than CM.
You must eat at Burro Burrocho in Troncones.
Outstanding food, good prices and friendly service. The people that live in Troncones are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Ernie and his staff at Casas Gregorio were outstanding and very informative. I would highly recommend Troncones and Casas Gregorio to all who want a relaxing vacation.
Oh....bye the way, the jungle and cave tour by Jaguar was really fun. We all enjoyed the tour especially the zip lines! My wife was afraid to go on them until our guide (the owner) showed her the safety precautions taken) and he was a great source of local info. First timers, Take the tour!
If you are into horseback riding on the beach, look no further. Jesus and Octavio will come to you! about $20 hr U.S.
You must get a massage at the little covered stand on the beach in Troncones. The lady's name is Esparanza and she is awesome! (about 250 pesos/hr) We went several times!

I would like to thank ZihuaRob and all the others who helped us get the most from our vacation. We would not have had the great time that we had without all the help from this messageboard. Someday we will return.
Adios and God bless. SURFERDAD (Dan)

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