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The fiesta was part of the nightly activities--all included. We had two--along with casino, which was fake money, but afterwards they did an auction and you got to bid on things with the money. There were also two nights of beach parties. They will give you an itinery when you check in. On the fiesta night, all resturants were closed. The other nights everything was open. The pieces were from Stall #74 at the market of artists (mercado de Artesanias) on Cinco de Mayo Street in Zihua. On the fiesta nights they turn the whole front area into a "town square." The hotel brings in a ton of local merchants and the entertainment staff puts on a show. You are going to see TONS of these dishes, most are cermanic, but a few--very very are wooden. I bought a tortilla warmer, two serving bowls, and a platter. If you go to the market, the numbers are above the little boths. Have a great time!

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