A Mexican Experience

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Escrito por stew desde (ppp-67-116-230-142.dialup.pltn13.pacbell.net) el día jueves, 22 de julio, 2004 a las 11:55:15 horas :

On a thread below I became somewhat intangled in a controversy about what "qualifies" as a true Mexican experience. A suggestion for those that wish to sample a bit of non-tourist Mexico is to take a overnight trip to Lazaro Cardenas Mexico's most important Pacific working port with all the hustle & bustle of such a city, This city of 200,000 people has busy crowded streets which a "gringo" can wander without any danger. A stay at the Hotel Delfin, a clean but spare hotel with a court yard pool will give you insight on a more typical Mexican hostel. Another option is to go but a bit North to Playa Azul for a weekend visit. Azul is a favorite weekend spot for Michoacan residents & is packed most weekends. I would recomend Hotel Playa Azul, a somewhat funky, but clean hotel. Buses run from Zihua (Estrella Blanca) several times a day to Lazaro. It's a short (under 2 hours) pleasant ride. Playa Azul is but a few minutes by bus or cab from the bus depot.

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