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Escrito por Glen desde ( el día martes, 27 de julio, 2004 a las 13:36:50 horas :

My wife, son and I enjoyed many elements of Zihuatanejo. Some very friendly people, superb food (though often expensive on the beach or near the hotels), and beautiful views. A cultural experience for sure.

We appreciated many of the things Curly had to say about what to bring. We stayed at the Irma and were treated well by the very kind folks who run the place.

It wasn't always easy. The bartering of things sometimes was too much. We found a great shop in town which offered beautiful blankets, jewelry, original paintings etc. It's owned by a man named Roberto who gave us a fair deal... his store is called. GALERIA LUPITA ... address: Calle Ejido #40 phone: 554-0551

We got 6 beautiful blankets from him... warm colors.. these were hand woven and went for about 15.00 (150 pesos) a piece. In town and near the Island merchants were asking 450 pesos and more. After buying a couple we decided we wanted more and he even brought an assortment to our hotel. Nice man & speaks english better than I do. If you meet him say hello from the man with the coffee maker..
I bought a small one and brought it with me to Zihua as I had found out from Curly in advance that the Hotel Irma had no room coffee makers.
When I was done with mine... I traded it with Roberto for a blanket. :)

Don't leave Zihua without trying tamales like those made with pineapple & chocolate. One of the best tips Curly gave was to take acidopholis a week before your trip... while there and a week afterwards. It made a huge difference. It's nearly impossible to avoid water that isn't purified. Ask for a bucket of ice made from purified water and the bucket is first rinsed with water from the faucet. All guacamole has tomatoe in it. It's not much fun being paranoid about everything you eat... and a drop of water up your nose or in your mouth will most likely result in being ill from being in a different country, no matter which country. We ate everything.. salads, fruit etc. We didn't eat anything from street vendors... such as the drinks that we knew were made specifically with water or ice which was not purified.

The negitive element of the trip was that we sometimes felt like walking $ signs. More than one person said specifically "you have money, I don't... I want some of yours". He was selling ironwood carvings on the beach. We bartered and bought one at 3 times what they go for in the shops in town. The cab drivers too were tough, especially when you arrive at the airport. Never take the first offer... or the 2nd or 3rd for that matter.
Develop a base line for what things cost. It's important to find a balance between giving a fair price and not feeling ripped off. The first cab driver wanted to bring us to our hotel for $33.00 (a fifteen minute drive). We found a cabbie who would bring us for $20.00.
Still 2 times as much as what it costs to get back to the airport from your hotel. I understand their need to get as much as they can especially in rainy season because of fewer tourists, but it's not much fun feeling like you are a sucker. I got the hang of it early on by saying I would pay this much to get here to the cabbie and he would accept it or not.

My wife got sick on the last day. I brought a perscr1ption of Cipro with us. She took it in the morning and was able to fly back to Calif that evening.

Many beautiful experiences and views to be had in Zihua. Some of the ironwood and obsidean & crystal sculptures are unique to this part of mexico and we brought a few home.

It was a good trip. For those of you who are going... say hello for me.

Santa Rosa, California

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