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Escrito por frostbite desde ( el día viernes, 20 de agosto, 2004 a las 00:34:35 horas :

En respuesta a: Bungalows Pacificos escrito por Cindy desde ( el día jueves, 19 de agosto, 2004 a las 17:58:24 horas :

We will be at Bungalows Pacificos for the sixth consecutive year in January. Bungalows is really a misnomer, since it's actually a block of 6 small apartments with the owner's unit on top. We've only stayed in the street-level units, but I assume the lower ones are pretty much the same: bedroom with king-size bed, ceiling fan (no A/C), bathroom with shower, toilet & sink. Kitchen with gas range and a refrigerator. Room for 1 or 2 single beds in kind of a hallway to the deck. About 1/3 of the deck is covered and that's where a dining table, coffee table, assorted chairs and a hammock are located. The deck is constructed with a pronounced slope beyond the covered area and the view of the bay is phenomenal. Last year's price was USD82.00 which included daily maid service and the 17% tax. Anita, the owner, speaks fluent English. It's within easy walking distance to just about all of Zihua. Staying there makes me feel much more part of the community; I wouldn't be caught dead in a resort hotel, but that's just me. I'm sure you'll enjoy Zihua regardless where you stay. If you like, I can send you my first timer sheet which has some useful info for Zihua "virgins".

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