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Hi Jay,
This question gets asked a lot, I asked a variation of it for the 1,000,001st time a few months ago, now you get to be #1,000,002.


Anyway, as I understand it, there is direct service between Zihua and Morelia. Bus runs at night, getting you into Morelia VERY early a.m. The other option is to bus from Zihua north to Lazaro Cardenas, then transfer from (a different bus station than which you arrive) to a bus heading to Morelia. There are more frequent busses between L.C. and Morelia.

Morelia to Patz bus is an easy connection.

There's lots of bus info in the archives if you do a search. But I think that's the most of it. Think the direct Z to Morelia bus is around 6 hours or so. I presume it takes the new highway, be kind of silly if it didn't.

Advise you to rent a car? I dunno.

¡Bien viaje!


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