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Escrito por Christian Spinillo desde ( el día martes, 24 de agosto, 2004 a las 16:40:13 horas :

Well, it's been a week or so since I've been back, but I now able to write a trip report about our 8 day stay at the Inn at Manzanillo Bay.

Day 1 -

Well, they didn't have the car we reserved, so we had to take a jeep wrangler which was a bit of a task considering we had a 9'6" surfboard bag. Top that off with never having driven a stick before and it was a good ole time. Surprisingly I got the hang of it real quick and it wasn't a real issue.

Arrive at the Inn after thinking we were lost a few times (They say when you get to the two topes, it's 6km, but they fail to tell you it's the 4th or 5th set of 2 topes, heh) and the waves look fun, bout chest to head high and pretty clean and I decide to paddle out. In my haste i decide to not wear my booties which turns out to be a disaster.

I find the reef about 2 minutes later and end up with a big ole gash in my ankle and about 40 - 50 Urchin spines in my right foot and 10 in my left. Make the paddle back to the beach and pass out from the pain, probably dehydration and exhaustion involved too, but none the less pass out.

A kick ass couple from the inn offers to take us to the naval hospital in Ixtapa. We make the drive, against my wishes really, and arrive about 30 min later.

The hospital looks closed, but an overly armed officer directs us in spanish to the other side where a single nurse greets us. She doesn't speak english and we don't speak much spanish, I felt like an idiot, but she was great. She cringes at my cut and feet and goes to get the doctor who also doesn't speak english.

Both are great and they stitch me up and then move onto the spines. I've never my life felt pain like I did that day. I've broken my back, been knocked out, and done everything, was a regular in the ER, but this pain is beyond fun. The doctor feels bad but digs and digs and digs in my swollen feet, eventually surrendering after removing about 8 spines the thickness of pencil lead and no less than 1" long. $70.00 later, we leave. Great experience.

Took the couple out to dinner for their troubles and prepared for two days of rest.

Day 2 -

Feet are in pain like I never imagined and I gimp around the resort and sleep more in one day than I have my entire life. It was great. A blessing in disguise really, in that the injury made me just chill out for a day. Ate lots of Chips and Guac.

Day 3 -
Much like day two but we ate at Tropic of Cancer that night where we hooked up with a Paramedic who helped us out on the beach that day and made a date for Day 5 to meet up and surf. Lots of tequilla that night, good stuff.

Day 4 -
First day back in the water and we head to saladita. Lordes was awesome and the waves were fun lil chest to shoulder high waves. Really mellow and easy, perfect first day back. Feet were swollen beyond belief but the day was great and it felt awesome to get back in the water.

The drive through mexico is unbeliveable and just so beautiful. The second half of the trip report will come later tonight or tomorrow.

Stay tuned, the fun's not over yet...

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