Who else has kayaked the lagoon? Barra de Potosi

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I have! I find it incredible, just as wonderful in it's way as the beach. I agree that for excellent detailed information as to the ecology, the bird life, the salt mines, the many mangrove tree-lined canals of the lagoon... Brian is a great source. He is north but he may be able to respond to your email anyway.

Brian when here, works with a local Barra de Potosi guy named Orlando. He keeps his kayaks there and has been training with Orlando as a guide (some english) with some extra ecological and flora and fauna data. He can be found at a restaurant named Que Vuelvan Las Gaviotas. HeŽll rent himself out as a guide for abround $200 pesos... maybe 2 or 3 hours into themore pristine areas. You can also tool around all by yourselves very nicely for an hour or 2 in the canals directly oposite the restaurants... Beautiful! Really worth it. Early morning is best - the birdlife in their feeding activity, it's cooler... gorgeous. The kayaks they rent are excellent... singles and doubles.... lagoon and ocean.

Have fun, wear a hat, take water!
Hasta pronto,

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