Troncones Trip Report Part 2

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Escrito por Christian Spinillo desde ( el día miércoles, 25 de agosto, 2004 a las 13:10:14 horas :

So, we pick up at Day 4....

Mounting the boards on the Jeep with out the bag proved to be even more interesting. As we are driving through the country side my fiance and I are holding the board down as it trys to bounce around.

Out in the water at Saladita was so peaceful, but geeze, that 400 yard paddle or so is killer. But aside from dodging turtles going down the line and the occasional jack that would fly out of the water, the day was uneventful.

Day 5

Meet up with the guys from Houston that helped me earlier to follow them to the "Ranch". The drive there is fine until we get to the federali check point. In talking with locals, they told us not to stop unless they have guns drawn at you, heh. So they start waiving us over but I was able to gun through the check point with no problems.

Then the fun trip began as we hung an illegal turn off the highway onto some overpass and then a dirt road. We reach a little town where all the people are coming out and waiving, was so cool up until the three dogs started chasing us.

This wouldn't have been a big deal provided we had windows, but we didn't, so they were there going nuts just about to jump in the jeep.

We arrive at the ranch to what seems to be really fun waves. Then I see a guy drop in and holy sh*t is it big. We got lucky and caught a nice lil swell that was, by the accounts of the Mexican guys we spoke with afterwards, about 10 - 12ft with 15ft set waves.

I got my ass handed too me but had a blast in the process.

We ordered some quesa dias (sp) from the woman we affectionaly began calling mama. A little thing of a woman with 8 kids who greeted us with dried MASA on her hands. We got our order and it goes down as one of the best meals I've ever had. It was fantastic.

Got packed up, gave Mama some extra cash and her kids, who were some of the most beautiful kids I've ever seen, some granola bars and headed off to saladita for session 2.

Fun, head high to 1ft overhead waves at saladita for the afternoon.

Head to Burro Baracho for dinner and get a lil sick from the shrimp, but the lobster was amazing.

Day 6

Head over to Saladita for an early session. SOme fun waves but nothing crazy. Come in for some breakfast and get the hook up on a rare treat from Lordes, pancakes.
Pancakes and scrambled eggs, was amazing. Not sure how she cooks them, but geeze they were good.

Go back to our place and relax as my Fiance had gotten a bit sick from the shrimp from Burro. Just hang out on the beach and relax while she rests.

Day 7

Head into Zihua to pick up some goods to bring back. Was very disapointed with the markets on 5 Di Mayo as it was more of a tourist trap than anything.

Picked up a beautiful braclet from Albertos and some great artistan wears from Costa Libra and another store in that area.

Finally we go to pick up some bark paintings when my fiance passes out on the sidewalk from the heat. It was a scorcher and even some of the towns people were complaining about the heat. A little water on the face and all was fine.

Go back to the place to relax and savor the last day.

2:30 AM that night I hear noise outside our palapa. I wake up and look out, holy sh*t. A whole heard of cattle had come into the resort to drink from the pool. I lost count at around 11, but they were all over the place. 3 of them damn near steped on a neighbor's surfboard. One even came up to our doors and stood there for a good minute or so.

Got the digital and ran out to take some photos, but they spooked and took off with me only getting a few of the straglers.

Day 8

Head back to the airport and home with no real problems, even got hooked up at the gate by not having to pay for my boards to go back home.

Final summary

The Inn was amazing. Beautiful palapas with beautiful grounds. AC would have been nice, but we got used to it within a day. The food was great, a little expensive for the area, but none the less good.

Margaritas are leathal as they age their own tequila which they have labled at 120 proof. Didn't know this as I pounded 2 or 3 of them one night.

Julio and staff were super friendly and overly accomodating. I've never been around such hard working people at a resort type locat1on.

I had the pleasure of meeting perhaps my favorite guy in mexico, Toofy(sp), the brown and black dog owned by the couple from Holland two doors down from the Inn. He was my buddy every day and I miss him so much.

His little brown girlfriend was fun too, but a bit too pushy, whenever you stopped petting her, she would nibble on your hand and hit you with her paw. Funny stuff when she stole my friend's food when he wasn't looking.

I could ramble on more than I have, but the whole trip was amazing and I'd go back in a second. It was life changing in that I've never been that relaxed. It made me realize how life should be lived, not working in an office 80 hours a week, but rather enjoying the people and space around you.

Great trip, couldn't have asked for more.

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