La Quinta Troppo report

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Escrito por rob desde (?) el día miércoles, 08 de septiembre, 2004 a las 17:46:55 horas :

I searched this site and every other site I could find about Zihua before booking a Hotel. I have nver been to Zihua but did as much reserch as i could find. After all the searching I wanted a lot from a hotel.
1) Nice
2) good food
3) good bar
4) close to beach
5) good view
6) nice room
7) nice staff
8) not so high of a cost

I know I had a lot of expectations but Narrowed it down to the Catalina Beach Resort. I thought this Hotel had it all and more. The web site was great and made it look great. I heard nothing but good things about the Catalina on this forum.

Well my Wife and I got to the Catalina and it was empty (I know low season). The stairs were a few more then I expected. The bar was closed. The rooms looked like a flash back of the 60's. I don't mean just retro really from the 60's. I have been all around Mexico and it didn't bother me much but when the hundreds of ants came in at night on our bed and walls i started to think I made the wrong choice. I sprayed them with the only thing we had (Off) and got as much sleep as I could.
THe next day I talked down the street and stopped at the Carolina and the manager showed me the place it was very nice but a little to expensive. I went back towards the Catalina and stopped at La Quinta Troppo. I remembered this palce from the internet which wasn't a very good site. I met the manager Ericka and I knew before even seeing the room this was the place to be. Erica was so pleasent I can't even put into words. This Inn only has eight rooms and only two of the rooms had people. Ericka showed me the room and it was fantastic, clean, great view, private, etc. Ericka offered me the room for the low season rate plus a 10% discount. It was only 30 more a night from the Catalina. I checked out of the hotel and to the Catalinas credit they were very nice about me checking out but did charge me for breakfast.
The La Troopo's staff was behond excellent. I have stayed in hotels in Cancun, Cuzumel, Playa Del Carmen, La paz, Cabo, etc and no staff has treated my wife and I as nice as they did. The bar was open on the honor system, but they would make you a drink if you didn;t know how. breakast was great fresh fruit, juice, coffee, rolls, and eggs if you desired. They had a small lunch menu which was resonable. There was only one dinner since there were not very many quests but it was the best dinner we had and we ate at the Amuleto, Casa Canta. THey always had your room in order when you stepped out, always had clean towls waiting for you, always accomodating. I just can't say enough of this place. I would reccomend to anyone this hotel and e-mail me if you have any other questions. And No i'm not advertising for this hotel it's just the least I could do since they made our experience something to remember.

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