Nocturnal Visit (photos)

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 14 de septiembre, 2004 a las 10:45:26 horas :

tortuga digging nest on Playa Municipal

tortuga covering nest after laying eggs on Playa Municipal
FIRST PHOTO: Tortuga attempts to dig nest to lay eggs but abandons it after encountering hard sand and tree roots.
SECOND PHOTO: Tortuga covering second successful nest after laying eggs (she never noticed the sailors who removed the eggs behind her).

Lupita and I witnessed this beautiful creature last night at about 10:30 on the Playa Municipal when the tortuga crawled from the waves and travelled quite a distance down the beach only to run into the cement of the walkway ("Hey, that wasn't there when I was born!"). She attempted to dig her nest there but the ground was too hard and had too many tree roots, besides being a very uncomfortable spot for her since she was bumping into the walkway. But hey, it was probably her first time laying eggs. Amazing enough that she would know where to return to and what to do. She finally turned around and went out into softer sand where she successfully deposited her eggs. The police observed with us while she dug her nest, and they informed the Navy personnel who came to collect the eggs and take them to their hatchery on the beach in front of their installations. We were impressed with the friendly cooperation and coordination between the police and the Navy, something unimaginable just a few years ago. However, just when the sailors were collecting eggs, the husband of the daughter of the woman who owns Casa Arcadia restaurant on the beach in front of our house came out and began insulting the police, ruining the magic of the moment for all present. The police were ready to take him to jail, but fortunately his Navy friends escorted him away before things got further out of hand. This person is supposedly a doctor, but if you ask me he must've been sampling too many of his "medicines".

After the tortuga carefully reburied and tamped down the sand by thumping her whole body onto the spot where she believed her eggs to be and attempted to cover the signs of her labors by flipping sand around over it, she hoisted herself back into the water relieved of her burden, obviously exhausted by the effort. The whole process took about an hour.

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