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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 23 de septiembre, 2004 a las 09:31:54 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Puerto Mio Cont'd escrito por elgranatunero desde ( el día miércoles, 22 de septiembre, 2004 a las 22:46:30 horas :

Even more important, it would keep the millions of pesos in port fees in the public coffers.

I smell some corrupt rats in this whole deal. First the SCT bozos (no offense Bret) said that neither of the piers were certified, that they were both "precertified". Then they said that, yes, Puerto Mio was certified, but that the municipal pier wasn't because they don't certify just a pier but rather the entire port, and that the port didn't pass. When it was brought to the bozos' attention that Puerto Mio is in the same port as the Muelle Municipal the story changed again. Clear as red clay.

The fact that the certification inspection must be paid for but wasn't in the case of the municipal pier raises more questions. If it wasn't carried out then how could our pier have possibly not passed the inspection? And if we don't know if it will pass or not, then what the devil were the SCT bozos talking about in the first place? Oh, it just keeps getting better.

Now the SCT bozos and our mayor decided that a commission must be formed and sent to Mexico City to meet with more important SCT bozos (the head bozo?). Politicians love forming commissions to justify their existence and cover up their own ineptness (how about the SEMARNAT guy who didn't know where Valle de Bravo was!) as well as to pass the buck (while spending a few)... meanwhile the clock keeps ticking.

A major error that the local and federal gov'ts keep making is that they can pull the wool over the eyes of the people who were born here and know their bay like the palm of their hand. The bay is in danger from these monster boats, and more cruise ships adds more pressure. The economic benefit of these cruise ships to the town's merchants and service providers is dubious at best. But displacing that miniscule benefit in favor of the taxis, tour operators, and Puerto Mio at the expense of families who were born here is going to cause a revolt the likes of which have not been seen here since 1970 when FONATUR tried to expropriate Zihuatanejo. The local and federal gov't keep referring to the protesters as a minority. Well, since the political parties have brought in over 60,000 outsiders over the past 20 years or so, mostly poor, perhaps that is true, but they are the most important and powerful minority and the ones with the deepest roots and most fervent love for this town. The locals know their bay as well as the meager benefits of the cruise ships. We could do without the ships altogether and it would be no great loss. No one would lose their job. But we support the few families that have traditionally benefitted from the cruise ships, and we do not want to see more outsiders getting rich at the expense of truly local families. ¡Basta ya!

¡Zihuatanejo para zihuatanejenses primero!

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