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Escrito por JT in AZ desde ( el día domingo, 26 de septiembre, 2004 a las 08:00:25 horas :

En respuesta a: Villa Carolina Pictures? escrito por Ken in San Jo desde ( el día viernes, 24 de septiembre, 2004 a las 10:29:25 horas :

Just so you know. The views from Villa Carolina are limited to the upstais Master Suites. From there you will look down to the bay. Bewteen the Villa and the bay you will see court yards, clothes lines telephone poles and various other sights including folks sitting on terrace, balconies or patio's

The hustle and bustle of daily street life near the Villa begins around 7 in the am with the rumble of trucks and taxis and local folks ambling to work at Villa del Sol and other local estabishments. While not overwhelming it can startle you if you are looking for the peace and serenity of resort style living.

The beach is a short two minute walk and there are plenty establishments there for meals anytime you would like. Taxis into town are just a wave away from the Villa del Soe Taxi que.

Villa Carolina is of itself a spectacularly run place. The Conti family and Miguel have really paid attention to detail in this wonderful place. If cleanliness is next to Godliness then this is a Holy place. The rooms are beautiful, the service world class and the staff understans that they are there to help you enjoy your stay. We stay there every year for a week or two and have never been disappointed.

Villa Carolina is small, luxurious and although not Acapulco, the French or Italian Riveria surely on of the nicest in all of Z.

Of course this is my opinion, but I enjoy lifes little luxuries and Carolina is one of them for a place like Z. If I misspelled anything I apologize, I am not the greatest typist in the world. Have fun in Z no matter what your choice. It is a very nice place to just kick back and relax.

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