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I’ll try Beth.
We've stayed in some of the deluxe bungalows and the casitas at the Catalina. As a rough rule of thumb, the deluxe bungalows are bigger, have two double beds, a couch seating area and sometimes somewhat larger bathrooms. The casitas we've been in had a double and single bed and no couch. The rooms were a bit smaller as were the bathrooms. Once we stayed in # 23 and I liked it because it had its own balcony (as most, if not all do) and was "off the beaten track" yet close to the dining room and sunset bar. Some of the casitas had a slightly impaired view of the bay because of the foliage, but the Catalina has been doing a lot of upgrading and thinning out some of the trees which were somewhat of a hazard and the views are improving. All the rooms we stayed in had a small bar fridge too which was really handy to have.
The deluxe bungalows from # 30 to # 45 have their own private balconies and also share a huge common deck which is a great place to drag your chair out to the edge of (with some adult refreshment) and watch the sun set. If you look at the home page of the Catalina, you can get a better idea of what those decks are like – they are located above and to the right of the pool area.
As far as advising on A/C, I think it all depends on one's tolerance to the heat and humidity. We haven't had A/C during the 6 years we've visited -- a couple of times we wish we had, but the combination of overhead and standing fans worked for us but maybe not for all. Some of the upper deluxe bungalows at the Catalina had A/C when we were there last fall and I’m not sure if any more have been added. Celso, who posts on this board, may be able to bring that information up to date.
We enjoy La Ropa, others prefer La Madera. Each locat1on has its own charm and benefits.
Hope this information is of some help.

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