¡Gracias a mi queridísima Lupita!

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (customer-201-133-66-75.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día domingo, 03 de octubre, 2004 a las 12:29:00 horas :

The next time you walk or jog down Playa La Madera, the entire beach, please have a nice thought for mi querida esposa, Lupita, whose love and determination has prevented the beach from essentially being divided in two.

Apparently a "public project", one of the stupidest wastes of taxpayers' money I've ever seen, was undertaken to build a "lookout point" on top of the small rocky section near the middle of the beach. Before Lupita raised the alarm and contacted several beach residents as well as public officials, not one of Playa La Madera's residents or neighbors or anyone else appeared to show any interest or concern in the project.

We have been told that the project has been cancelled and the beach will be restored to its former state, according to the apologetic promises of local public officials. Responsibility for the project has been somewhat dubious since the local officials point the finger at state officials and vice versa. An "ingeniero" associated with other locally funded public projects was seen directing the contruction.

obra estúpida en Playa La Madera
Stupid "public project" at Playa La Madera.

Playa La Madera dividida por una barrera
Playa La Madera divided by barrier.

¡Muchísimas gracias por tus esfuerzos para preservar Playa La Madera, Lupita!

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