Things I learned this year in Mexico

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Escrito por stew desde ( el día martes, 22 de marzo, 2005 a las 12:28:27 horas :

1. Toll roads are not 4 lane.
2. The People of Patzcuaro are among the most handsome in the world.
3. The Parque Nacional Barranca del Cupatitzio is among the 10 most lovely spots in Mexico
4. If it costs 100 pesos in Zihua it will be 40 in Patzcuaro.
5. There's lots of water in Michoacan
6. That bus travel is still the most interesting
7. The ruins at Tingambato are worth the stop & surrounded by a most lovely valley!
8.The trolley tour in Patzcuaro is a great bargin & a must for getting orientated.
9. All people who wish to use recreational drugs in Mexico needs to ride by the ugly prison at Uruapan & think of the over 100 US citizens in there on drug charges.
10. The Plaza Uruapan Hotel is worth 73.00 USD even to a poor guy like me.
11. Pozole alley is still the best buy in Zihua despite raising prices.
12. The best place to eat in Patzcuaro is the Taco stand in the front of the Mercado & next to the pizza place on the small plaza. Six tacos & 2 frescos 34 pesos.
13. AA is best on the beach at sunset.
14. The best coffee in Zihua is at the stall, second row in the Mercado. 50 pesos per kilo, both reg & decafe.
15. 2 months in Mexico is not long enough!
16. Friends, Mexican, Canuck & Yankee make Zihua paradise still.
17. Walking is the best way to enjoy Zihua.
18. Ixtapa is beautiful & I am glad it's there.
19. Troncones is heaven!
20. Zihuatanejo is still the best in spite of new challeges!

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