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Escrito por Dorado1 desde (?) el día jueves, 21 de octubre, 2004 a las 15:55:43 horas :

Dinero, I have to publish this every year

Let's see if we can make it simple:
Debit Card-- Comes direct from your account at the exchange rate the moment of the transaction. Charges are only what (IF ANY) your bank charges you for international withdrawals. Usually under $2 US
Credit card-- Accepted at hotels, better restaurants, some merchants. NOT preferred for shopping, see below. Using for cash advances will get you the WORST exchange of the day, involve about a 7.5% to 17% fee for processing PLUS your card company charges of 2% or so AND the international fee. Merchants accepting credit cards AUTOMATICALLY have the VAT deducted from their accounts; IN ADDITION, they have to pay the 7.5% to 17% processing fee, thus cash usually gets a 10% discount.
Cash-- US dollars accepted, usually at a bad rate. Pesos preferred; Canadian dollars looked at in strange ways in most places but accepted in many and the cambios. Travelerís checks accepted at banks, cambios, hotels and many other places--same as cash.
Exchange rates:
Best-- The banks, only because you don't pay the ATM fee but you get to stand in line
2nd Best & most convenient-- ATM's, withdraw maximum amount, lose 0 to 1%, locat1onS -- airport, Commercial Mexicana (2), every bank and many other locat1ons.
Cambios-- lose a few dollars on rate, OK for travelerís checks and cash money
Credit Cards-- BIG HINT--IF you feel your account doesn't have the cash then take the cash advance BEFORE LEAVING HOME and put it in your account. You will save MAJOR dollars!!! OR spend a lot of time crying over the cost of your vacation after the fact.
You can carry Travelerís checks, I am still carrying the same ones I bought 5 years ago.

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