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Escrito por Roberto! desde ( el día sábado, 23 de octubre, 2004 a las 18:07:24 horas :

The drive down is going well. A little confusing at the border going from one place to the other to get the vehicle papers and permits in place -- got a red light and had to have the vehicle´s contents inspected but it was nothing like the inspections they were doing to the locals -- had all the stuff out of their cars and spread over the lane. At the second inspection point we got a green light and breezed through.
Got taken for an extra 50 pesos at our first gas stop -- I knew we were getting hosed, but Wynn sided with the attendant, but then realized later how the game was played -- she coughed up the extra 50 p.
Our first stop was in San Carlos for a couple of days, then to El Fuerte -- pretty town near the copper canyon. On for an overnight stay in Mazatlan -- word of advice for anyone driving down -- fill up before leaving Mazatlan if you take the toll road south. There were no gas stations until Tepic. Visited La Penita -- Jared is correct, beaches are not the best for swimming, but the town is quite nice and worth a look. Stayed a couple of days in Rincon de Guayabitos -- nice place too -- the beach was quite busy. Stopped off in Sayulita but thought it wasn´t the place for us so we pushed on to Bucerias where we found a great hotel right on the beach for 400 p a night. We both liked the area, spent a day in PV (via local bus) and then on to Melaque. Hvae been here for 3 days and will soon be heading off to Zihuatanejo and the Catalina. We will probably be a few days ahead of schedule.
Toll roads have been great but a number of them have no shoulders to pull over on plus a lot of the signs are imbedded in the thick foliage growing right up to the edge of the highway. It got a little exciting on the two lane roads near and after Tepic with busses, trucks and cars all trying to pass one another at the same time while going uphill and on blind curves.
Have taken "a ton" of digital images and will try to have a fairly extensive trip report done once we return home in December.
Regards to all,
Roberto! y Wynn

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