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Escrito por Brandi cognac desde ( el día miércoles, 11 de mayo, 2005 a las 21:20:59 horas :

I will try to make this short but provide all the good information.
Left Portland, OR via America West through Phoenix, AZ - flights went as smooth as butter. Arrived in Z @ 2:30 PM. Yes - paid the outrangeous 28 dollars for the taxi ride into town (15 min ride max).
Stayed at Villas de Morros for 4 nights: Hotel is on the opposite side of the bay as Playa ropa near the pier and closer to central Z. Down side 230 steps to get to the room. If you like to keep up the excercise while on vacation - try it ($65/night in off season). The Views from the infinity pool - Top Notch. We were the ONLY a foreigners "gringos" staying at this hotel. Most were locals from Michocan and there were very few staying with us at any time. We basically had the place to ourself. They provided a 5 gallon bottle of fresh drinking water with the room. This was great because we did not have to continuously purchase bottles of water.
Diving (3 days)was with Ixtapa Aqua Paradise - I SAW MY SEA-HORSES.... now I can check that off my "Life's To Do List". GREAT company and owner Miguel. They ensured that we dove the best places that the bay and Morros de Potosi had to offer. Gave us free t-shirts as well.
Resturants: I love traditional Mexican Food - started at eating at a small Torta Shop Red walls (literally a hole in the wall). Most locals go there for Tortas. Pierna Tortas and the Cubans were great (12 - 18 pesos). MUST Try Papaya and Ice drink (papaya, ice, water and sugar - blended) on a hot humid day - MMMMMMM!! Almost beats a Paleta.
Tomales Any: Wonderful Tomales for $1.20 to $2.25 a piece. CHicken in a red sauce tomale and peblano pepper tomales highly recommended.
Paletas - there are paletia shops on the main tourist strip in the center. Similar to our ice-cream shops. The Paletia de Fresa (strawberry popsicle) is MY Favorite - known as Fresa de agua. Basically frozen strawberry chunks on a stick. Try before you leave 8 pesos each (had at least 3/day).
Rossy's: Playa Ropa - Reasonably priced - good service - clean restrooms, Great Strawbeery Daiquris (spelling?), Food was good.
Brisa Del Mar: Very clean - everything was tip-top. Prices a bit expensive - service was impecable - menu cattered for americans - but Good Food. The tomato and basil pizza - Wonderful.
Yacht Club (opposite side of bay as Playa Ropa): Hawaiian mixed with Mexican....Interesting. Found my Mexican Wine here - Tried La Cetto Chardonnay - WOW!!! Bought 3 bottles for home. Very Nicely Done Wine. Food very reasonably priced, with a refreshing menu (lots of cold soups), Eat up-top at sun-set and watch the night lights come alive. Highly recommended. Service Great.
Recommend: which ever side of the bay you are staying on: Take a taxi to the opposite side of the bay about 2 hours before sun set. Start walking your way back around to your side of the bay - stopping off at all the little "joints" to eat and toast the day. You will reach your final destination Full and Jolly and about at "Siesta" time.
The next 2 days were Spent in Troncones. We went on the fly with no reservations - did not even know which hotel we were going to stay at. Made a decision in the taxi ride there (local taxi cost 240 pesos from Z to Troncones - going back cost 300 pesos time required 40 mins). We stopped at Inn at Manzanillo Bay. Walked in asked if they had a room available - they did - went out saw the room and we never left. Cost a bit spendy at $98/night for your own bungalow about 5 steps from the beach. We stayed Wed and Thurs nights. WARNING: if you try to get into this place without reservations Friday and on the Weekends - Good Luck. Come checkout time on Friday Morning - the 9 bungalow place was crawling with a new load of residents waiting for their rooms.
THE FOOD HERE IS TO DIE FOR: The menu a little pricey - but well worth the money. I about cried when I sank my teeth into my shrimp. Hands down the best shrimp I have had. The Kahlua Coffee Cheese Cake - almost orgasmic. Breakfast - The surfer's special.
Recommended: Rent Horses for a ride along the beach. We were escorted by 3 young men (13 years old)on a lovely ride.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Rent the 2 mountain bikes available in the lobby (take them all day you will need them). Ride down the long dusty road back into Tronconnes (we saw the local lone mule heading the same way - great authentic photo op). Continue on this road all the way to the end) (i.e. do not take the left at the "y" back into Tronconnes)- this leads you to a nice beach (This beach is SOUTH of the main Tronconnes beach). Ride your bike along the water (sand is tough enough to ride here) all the way down the beach until you hit a jet way (rocks). Look closely and you will see a trail going up the rocks through the trees. Follow this trail (means lifting bikes over some rocks) and this leads you to a small secluded bay - Amazing rocks and shells and snorkeling.
On the way back - ride bikes all the way back along the beach (yes- need to like bikes over some rocks...ride near the water - sand is solid.) Stop off at the druken Burro - Burro Burracho?) Enjoy a cold drink - take picture with the drunk burro in the corner (great photo op). Take picture next to broken surf boards warning swimmers....great photo op.
Here- go back up to the dusty road and ride to one of the small local resturants for dinner. Local resturant means small plastic tables and chairs under a palm leaf roof...Typically wife or daughter is cooking in the back - No menus - they will cook you what you want with what they have. To some the outside looks of the place may scare you away - but trust me the food - GREAT!!! Fish and Shrimp with beers, salsa, chips, and tacos 22 dollars (2 people).
Last nigh returned to Z - stayed at Brisas Del Mar. Wonderful hotel - very nice $128/night - very famous for weddings - I can see why. Did all my shopping the last day in Z at the local artesian market. Recommend that you also walk up (all the way up) the perpendicular streets to the market. You will find a number of smaller stores that sell some real charms - they are off the beaten track a bit.
I always seem to return to Mexico every year - every time a different part. This was my first visit to Z - I can see why so many people are in love with it. I can say that I was a bit sad to find out: I talked with a number of locals - they all said the same thing. That just a few years ago the development that has taken place in the hills of Z was not there. When we were there I could not count the number of fires that I saw in the distant mountains (made for some very "hazzy" days). This is apparently local farmers preparing new land for cultivating - or new "residents" taking land. The bay is difinitely changing - the hillsides are turning yellow/brown/white and not the natural plant green. The locals have mixed feelings about it - because they rely on the tourists and service industry to make a living - the more people means the more services = more jobs and more money to provide for their families. I was sad to hear that the government was not taking a more aggressive role in planning the development of the area. I fear this area will become another tourist trap in the near future along the likes of Cancun, Mazatlan, and Acalpulco.
To all in Mexico that made my vacation a great one - SALUD!! And that is the end of my "short" but important point summary.

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