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Yes, there are limits, I didn't post those. I know for billfish it was 2 per day plus another for mounting though that is just an excuse to kill 3. That is to the dock, no limit on Catch & Release. Or at least this has been the case in the past.

AS to the license price, those that were posted were in 1999. So, yep, out of date. I have also found that different areas have different prices. Used to be able to buy them on the dock or at the port capitan's office but that has changed also, now you got to go downtown. I understand they are changing this also to allow Capitans to sell them.

Here again are the regs. But it doesn't say per fisherman or per boat or per license(I believe it is per person on the boat, again NOT positive and could be locally interpreted):

In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of ten fish per day, with no more than 5 catches of a single specie, except of the species of Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish and Shark, of which only one specimen of either is allowed, and which counts a five toward the overall 10 fish limit, or Dorado, Roosterfish, Shad, or Tarpon, of which only two samples of each specie are allowed, and which count a five toward the overall 10 fish limit.***

[*** Note: As explained by the Department of Fisheries office in San Diego, this means that if you catch 1 marlin (5 points) and 1 dorado (5 points), you have reached your limit for the day.

Other examples of full Mexican limits would be: 2 dorado; 1 dorado plus 5 miscellaneous species; or, 1 roosterfish plus 1 dorado.-- B.A.R.]

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