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Escrito por Peggy desde ( el día miércoles, 10 de noviembre, 2004 a las 17:25:08 horas :

This is our second time to Zihua. Believe me it is well worth the trip wouldn't mind retiring there. Zihua has grown in size from the first time we were there. To start off we arrived by Frontier around 2:00 that afternoon. After retrieving our luggage it was time to go through security. Since I pushed the button for either the green or red light I let Mike try his luck. It worked and we had a green light. Now to get a taxi, since our travel package did not include transport to the hotel. Mike was not too happy about the cost ($23.00) to Villa Mexicana. But what can you do. Shortly after we were wisked away to the hotel. After we checked into our room and unpacked we changed clothes and got a taxi to the Banamax downtown. At that time the exchange rate was 11.29. We both exchanged $100.00 USD at the rate of 1,131.00 in pesos. After a short walk around town we taxied back to Villa Mexicana.
Our first time at VM we walked down the beach a ways and back to the palapas and drank a Negro Modelo and some bottled water.
My Spanish lessons had helped some. Mike and I had decided to have dinner at El Manglar. So the taxi took us down there only to find it closed. So downtown we went and stopped at La Gula Restuarant. Up a flight of stairs and we were welcomed by the waiter, Naz. After some decision we picked the "Steak de la Hacienda" (130 pesos). What a meal!!!!! The steak was rib eye on hash browns with a sauce over that. With a Dos X to wash it down it was excellent. Naz and Orosa were great and the chef, Manuel, we could not have asked for better. Was worth the long taxi drive. The total for the meal plus tip for Naz was about 400 pesos. Back to hotel for a cool shower and some sleep. There is a tv but all the channels are in Spanish and yes the beds are very hard. Atleast the pillows were thick.
The next morning, the 21st, after talking to the front desk about towels, taxis, restuarants, etc., we went downtown in Zihua for a look around. We went into Galleria Lupita, bought a earring and charm set for 100 pesos. We walked over to Las Braseros for breakfast (Universal which is an omelette, fruit) Mike had a plate of six small tacos El Pastor (pork and onions)2 different salsas and 2 bottles of water. The total was 74 pesos plus a 10 pesos tip. I bought two postcards for 7 pesos each. Taxi back to VM back into our swim wear and cool off under the palapas for reading and of course a siesta. We walked over to Patys (next door) and tried some of the coconut ice cream. Chocked full of coconut and was really good. Each bowl of ice cream had three scoops and two sugar waffer cookies (35 pesos each). Back to the palapas for more lounging. For dinner we taxied to Tamales E Atoles. I had the Chicken and A Beef Queso, Mike had tamales in plantation skins. The chicken queso was to spicy for my liking so Mike was kind enough to eat it. The beef queso was not too bad. I did splurge to have some flan in a carmel sauce was really good. This was around 114 pesos with a tip. Mike and I walked around the block just to look and went back to Atoles to call a cab. Once back at the hotel we cooled off with a Negro Modelo and a Victoria (50 pesos).
Friday, the 22nd, we taxied back downtown to the Banamax (the exchange rate was down to 11.27). We walked over to Cafe Malibu for breakfast. I had pancakes with fruit and tea and Mike had Omelette with hash brown and orange juice. The meal was great 35 pesos plus 10 peso tip. Back to VM. Had a really great taxi driver, Antonio, speaks very good English. Mike asked him what he would charge for a day trip to Playa Larga and another day trip to Troncones. Antonio seemed reasonable at 70 pesos one way to Playa Larga and $60.00 for a whole day to Troncones. Something to think about. Back to VM and change into swim suit for a relaxing time under the palapas. Later on we enjoyed a Negro Modelo (for Mike) and I had a special drink called "Michelada" (take a margarita glass dip into salt, put ice in glass squeeze some lime and pour beer over). Was very good!!!!! Later on we went over to Paty's for a cheeseburger and fries and two bottles of water 126 pesos plus a ten peso tip. Back for shade under the palapas. Later on we went to the "Happy Hour" at the bar only to find out the Happy Hour was for mixed drinks only. Now we know why we were the only ones there. The drinks (a Banana margarita and a Mango margarita) were really bad. So we went over to Paty's and had 2 pina coladas and 2 Sol Beers and split an order of french fries (95 pesos). We did meet a nice couple from San Diego. Back for a cool shower and bed.
Saturday, 23rd, our last day at VM. We walked over to Elvira's for breakfast of a Omelette ham and bacon and bottled water (80 peso and 10 peso tip). Back to VM to pack and read til 12:15 when Rene and Edith pick us up. We did like our three days at VM with the beach and waves not too far away. We were not too crazy about sharing our room with ants. Also if you ask for a towel, make sure to ask for a good towel. Otherwise they will give you a towel that should be tossed away. They are very selective who gets the good towels.
Rene and Edith came and drove us off to the Quinta Camelinas which is more in the residential district. What a beautiful place. They run a bed and breakfast. There is the apartment and behind the gate is three more small rooms. There is a pool, and they fix breakfast in the kitchen near the rooms. Rene told us since we were the only guests we would have the apartment. This also was very nice (no ants). That evening we went to dinner at Pollos Locos. I had the Pork Ribs and Mike had the chicken. Both were very good. With water and a tip was about 114 pesos. We went across the street to check out the prices at Andy's for liquor. We went back over to El Senor de las Chelas for a free Margarita a Negro Modelo and a Michilado (about 40 pesos). Back to Quinta Camalinas.
Sunday, the 24th, we had breakfast that was prepared by Rene and Edith. Fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, and omelettes with ham. Rene told us that Las Gatas Beach would be very crowded today with most of the locals so we taxied downtown and walked around. We did buy some soveniers for us and others on our list. Went back to our favorite place Cafe Malibu and had two of the fruit juice shakes (orange with pineapple). They are very good stop in for one there are different flavors (46 pesos for the two). Cafe Malibu is air conditioned. On Sunday's at the basketball court, by the pier, there is a fiesta with food, vendors, and entertainment. We both went to the booth where the women prepared a version of a sopapilla with whatever you would like to put inside. We both had pollo with potatoes and cheese. Trouble was this was so popular it took forever to get ours. They were really good and only 14 pesos each. We stayed for some of the entertainment. There are a lot of people who attend the fiesta so seats are far and few in between. In other words get there early and find a seat. But we were able to see some of the fiesta.
Monday, the 25th, with our vacation about half over we decided to go to Las Gatas after breakfast, again prepared by Rene and Edith. After paying our 30 pesos each we were ferried over to Las Gatas. We walked about half way down the beach and talked to Jorge at Las Mangles. After some thought we decided to stay there. Jorge was very friendly and accomodating to our needs. We did get a chance to walk out into the water. Was really nice. Jorge told us what the special was for lunch. I had never tasted fresh yellow fin tuna before so Jorge brought me over a sample. Sure not like the can, was very good. Jorge said what they cook is in a pineapple boat called a "Pina Rellonos". Since I am not too fond of shrimp one half of the "boat" was shrimp, tuna, and some octupus and the other half just tuna. Why not. What a feast. The sea food was mixed with green and red peppers, onions, pineapple chunks, rice and a sauce covered with cheese and baked. Talk about great. What a day, two times in the ocean, a wonderful lunch, beer, michiladas, and good service, a foot and leg massage for 135 pesos. Couldn't ask for more. At 4:00 we packed up and went back to the ferry for the ride over to the pier. Later on we went to La Perla to watch the satellite tv football game. Being from Colorado we had to see the Broncos. Except that night we wished we hadn't since they lost. We did have a beer, michilada, split fries, and later split a cheeseburger and fries for 145 pesos.
Tuesday, the 26th, we took our dirty laundry to the lavendaria cloes to the QM. Surprised to find out he would have our laundry done that night and it was 75 pesos for about 5 kilos. Not bad!!!!! Taxi took us to Banamax to exchange US dollars. We walked around town and bought a beautiful bracelet with silver and abalone for $45.00, plus another earring charm set and a small perfume funnel. We then walked down to Cafe Zihua and bought some coffee for friends back in Colorado. Had lunch at Cafe Malibu (can tell what we liked). Mike had Burrito de Pollo and I had the Hawaiian Sandwich. With water and a tip was about 80 pesos. Took a picture of Alex (the owner) and Vanessa (waitress) for our scrapbook. They are very good to you. We went over to Jackie's Place Deshilados. She has beautiful hand made linens, place mats, and other things, bought some linen hankies. We did find a shop that carries hand painted items, such as sinks, bathroom items, kitchen items, etc.... This shop is on the corner of Ejida and C. Cuauhtemoc. They have a little of everything. We were looking for a taxi to take us back to QC, and guess who appeared. Antonio!!!!! So we talked to him again about a day to Playa Larga and Troncones. They are both set up for the next two days. That evening we picked up our laundry (folded and pressedstill smells good) and went to Cafe Globe for dinner. We both had the breaded steak with fries, draft beer and tea for 163 pesos. We walked down to the next block and had two dishes with 3 different flavors of ice cream for 20 pesos. Was really good, there are some different flavors to try. Taxi back and made some phone calls for a sunset trip for Friday night.
Wednesday, the 27th, Antonio was there about 10:00 and took Mike and I off to Playa Larga. We had the whole beach to ourselves til about 2:30 that afternoon. Antonio dropped us off at a little enramada "La Ocha". There was plenty of shade and a pool. The pool was small, but was clean and the water was nice. Mike and I lounged around til about 12:30 and then ordered lunch. I had three cheese queso's and Mike ordered the breaded butterfly shrimp. We met the co-owner who was very charming. We were not fortunate to see the dolphins swimming in the waves, but still was a sight to see. The shrimp that Mike had came with about 9 or 10 big breaded shrimp (not even Red Lobster could top that). Along with the beers for the day, a coco loco, and water was about 213 pesos with a tip. My spanish came in handy this day. We had the taxi pick us up around 4:00 and went back to QC to clean up. Later on we took a taxi to Catalina Sunset Bar for a great sunset. After that we had a taxi take us to Pollo Feliz. Talk about good food. We ordered the whole chicken and fries. With water was 92 pesos. We even took about half the chicken back to Quinta Camelinas.
Thursday, the 28th, Antonio picked us up around 10:00 for a day at Troncones. First he took us on a little tour on the side of the mountain that overlooks Las Gatas and the pier of Zihua. Was something to behold. After about a 45 minute drive we finally arrive at Troncones. First Antonio showed us the hotel at Manzanillo Bay. Really nice, but no shade to speak of. After a drive around Troncones we finally settle on Tropic of Cancer Beach Club. What a place. Nice view of the ocean (plus quite a few surfers), great pool, and plenty of shade. Antonio stayed with us the time we were there. The total for the day of 7 beers, one michilada, a ham and cheese sandwich, Tirista (for Antonio) was 213 pesos. Antonio charged $60.00 plus we gave him a tip for a great day. Later on we went to Ixtapa to Carlos and Charlies. We went there a couple of times when we were in Ixtapa three years ago. Unfortunately, things change. The prices have gone up on their food and drink. Also the beach was now littered with tents for massages. Of course the tents were located right where pictures for a beautiful sunst happened to be. Mike walked out to the edge of the ocean to get a few pictures. Since we were not happy with the results of Carlos and Charlies (the ribs are now 120 pesos instead of 80 and the price for the beers is over 30 pesos) we took a taxi back to the fisherman's walk in Zihua. We stopped at El Meditranneo and had the Mahi Mahi. It was covered with a creamy garlic sauce and each peice was about 2 inches thick and about a 4 inch square. It was wonderful. The total price for 2 entree's and water and tip was 200 pesos. The Mahi Mahi was fresh and tastes so good.
Friday, the 29th, again breakfast of fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice and eggs we took a taxi down town to the Banamax (the exhange rate was now 11.39). We finished our last minute shopping for ourself and some friends. As usual we were looking for a taxi driver that understood some English when our friend and taxi driver Antonio appeared. One last trip with Antonio and time to say good bye. That evening we took a Sunset Cruise on a 60' sail boat. At first we thought the cost was somewhat pricey, $49.00 each. But we had all the drinks and beer and water we wanted and they fed us. It was wonderful, a beautiful somewhat cloudy sunset, food, entertainment, pictures, and music. The Cruise starts out at Puerto Mio, the sail boat takes you out into the Pacific Ocean and back again. Later on we went back to El Mediterraeno for more fresh Mahi Mahi.
Saturday, the 30th. Unfortuantely this was our last day in Paradise. We had another wonderful breakfast prepared by Rene and Edith. Back to our room to pack and take in the sites one last time. Rene and Edith took us to the airport so we could be there in plenty of time.
We miss it already. It snowed the evening of the 31st here in Colorado so we wished we could be back taking it easy.
Things we enjoyed: Malibu Cafe, the food, the sites, the people, and the shopping.
Downfalls: We did not get to spend time with Curly and wife, did not get to see Rob and Lupita, and we had to come back.
If you need a good taxi driver call Antonio at 044-755-102-1686 taxi #482. There is no phone as of yet at the Quinta so you will need to either make arrangements early or try and chase down Rene to use his phone. Rene and Edith are charming hosts. They feed you each morning with fresh fruit, what ever is on the menu, and try to be very accomodating to your needs. Quinta is a very nice place to stay. Rene and Edith were doing some remodeling while we were there, but we hardly heard any of the construction that was going on.
Best food was at La Gula, Pollo Feliz, Cafe Malibu, and Las Brasaros.
Take a day trip to Las Gatas and stay at the Las Mangles. Tell both Jorge's hi from Mike and Peggy. Order the Pina Rellanos.
Also take a day trip to Playa Larga go to La Ocha and Troncones and stay at Tropic of Cancer Beach Club. If possible study up on your Spanish!!!!!
Hopefully we will be back in a year.

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