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Escrito por frostbite desde ( el día jueves, 11 de noviembre, 2004 a las 00:27:44 horas :

Arrived via Alaska on Tuesday evening, took a cab to La Madera and checked in at our usual home-away-from-home: Bungalows Pacificos. Found the rooms freshly painted and noticed that the beds now had foam "egg crate" pads on top of the usual hard mattrasses; a most welcome improvement. Never having been to Zihua this early in the season, we marveled at flowering trees on the hills and all the lush greenery around town. After unpacking we taxied to Comercial Mexicana for supplies and then headed into town for dinner at El Mediterraneo, where we enjoyed an excellent dinner of seared, sesame seed encrusted tuna. Every bit as good as any we've had at Casa Bahia and only half as far to walk. Since the Casa Cafe doesn't open until mid November, we had breakfast daily at the Malibu Cafe on Del Ejido. The food there is good, reasonably priced and the place is air conditioned. Since this was a very short business trip, we were only able to sneak in one day of lounging on the beach at Otilia's on Las Gatas. Franco was his usual entertaining self, the shrimp tacos and the guacamole were great and the beer was cold. We had a very good lunch with friends at Daniel's on the Boardwalk. Getting complimentary icecream afterwards was a nice touch. Wanting to try new places, I tried to make reservations at La Cuitlateca, but they were closed for a wedding. Had better luck at Amuleto. We took a cab which dropped us off at what looked to me suspiciously like a private residence, but the driver insisted that was it. I rang the doorbell and the owner laughed and pointed up the hill. Fortunately the cab had driven forward to get turned around, so we were able to flag him down to take us the rest of the way. Driving up that "road" is quite an adventure. The Amuleto is a charming 5 room boutique hotel with a phenomenal view of the area. The food was good, the waitstaff well-trained and attentive and the ambience very romantic and without the pretensions of LCQC. On Saturday we drove to Vista del Morro on the beach near the airport with Anita, our landlady, for lunch. My favorite dish there is a fish stew billed as "Viagra". I can't vouch for its efficacy, but it's mighty tasty. Foodwise, the only disappoinment was at La Gula, where the dorado fillet I ordered was unbelievably salty. In many years of dining out, this was only the second time I've ever had to send something back. They were very gracious about it, though, and cooked me another which was excellent. We will certainly be back.
An item for the "It's a small world" department: While walking down Calle Adelita we struck up a conversation with a gentleman who has retired to Zihua from the Santa Cruz area of California. It turned out that he went to high school with a friend of mine. Truly amazing.
Now, as I shovel the snow off my driveway for the umpteenth time, I'm savoring memories of a very short, but very pleasant trip to Zihua and look forward to returning there in January.

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