McAllen Border Crossing

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En respuesta a: Driving to Zihua - McAllen, TX via SLP escrito por GK desde ( el día jueves, 11 de noviembre, 2004 a las 11:38:52 horas :

You will find the border crossing a lot simpler and faster going through McAllen vs Laredo.

There are two bridges - the main bridge into Matamoros plus the bridge at Pfarr Tx.

The Pfarr bridge is a very small port of entry with everything in one place and virtually no lines. Last time we crossed at the Pfarr bridge, it was about 11AM and we were through in a little over 30 minutes including temporary car import sticker, two tourist visas, and a vehicle full of luggage.

Just after the Pfarr bridge entry complex you drive straight ahead about 1KM (or less) there is an overpass over route 40, where you can turn right to get on the autopista toward Monterrey.

We don't take your proposed route through Victoria, but take 40 over to Monterrey, catch the bypass to around Monterrey to Saltillo, then south on 57 to overnight at the Sands in San Luis Potosi. Then it's easy to make Ixtapa/Zihua on the second day.

If you are intent on your route, perhaps someone else can give you an update on road conditions.

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