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Escrito por Abigail desde ( el día jueves, 11 de noviembre, 2004 a las 18:14:49 horas :

En respuesta a: Driving to Zihua - McAllen, TX via SLP escrito por GK desde ( el día jueves, 11 de noviembre, 2004 a las 11:38:52 horas :

Been a while since we took that drive.
Pretty populated until you head up the mountain behind Ciudad Victoria to get to the plateau. The truckers over the years have built a shrine because of all the accidents. (We've broken down on the road - bad manifold and the air got too thin not sure if the uncertainty of what we were going to do or the ride in the tow truck to Ciudad Victoria was scarrier but we prayed hard and left a donation when the tow truck stopped at that shrine. Don't get so distracted by the views that you drive off the road while going over the mountain.
Takes and hour or so to get over the mountain. Then desert and one of those yellow balls to let you know you've crossed into the tropics. A few intriging towns. We stopped once in one of the towns and were immediately swapped with children who fought over the paper towel my husband used to dry the dip stick - another town has a large church both towns haunt me. I'd like to spend a month there just experiencing because they are remote and out of time like a place from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book. Lots of dry arroyos(some great cactus gazing while you pit stop) until you get to the junction with the main higway to SLP & DF Lots of great copper pots for sale there. Oh! there used to be a Cafe Abigail along the way. Buy some pecans from the vendors along the road before you get to Ciudad Victoria they are cheap and good to snak on - also take plenty of water for you day trip because - at least the last time we drove it - there's not much out there but beautiful mountain dessert scenery.

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