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Villa Vera is a boutique hotel and restaurant facility located on a point of land at the north side of the harbor entrance for Zihuatanejo. The facility called Puerto Mio has been around for over twenty years, but was sold and renamed Villa Vera about 4-5 years ago. At that time, it was refurbished and a new chef brought in to run the restaurant.

You can walk from this facility to downtown Zihuatanejo in about 15 minutes (down the road and across the footbridge next to the Navy base).

It is very private and upscale. The ambiance at Villa Vera is fantastic; extremely cozy, private, and romantic - particularly in the area of their pool, restaurant, and bar which are located around a small rocky cove with magic ambiance. Waves swishing in and out of the cove, which is lined with fist-sized round stones that move around with the ebb & flow, make a sound like an African rain-stick.

The restaurant is good, but relatively expensive. A five minute walk up the road is the more moderate priced "Casa Bahia" restaurant, which has some of the best food (and by far the best tuna) in the area.

I think the ambiance at Villa Vera would be perfect for a honeymoon, or for that matter anyone who puts a high value on privacy and the ambiance of intimate, upscale surroundings.

Directly across the road from the resort entrance is a large dock, second only in size to the main city dock. This dock was being considered for expansion and some dredging to accomodate cruise ships - which currently have to anchor in the middle of the harbor and offload passengers a few at a time in small boats.

The controversy is whether Zihuatanejo wants to make the area more accessible to cruise ships by doing this dock project. Many feel that it would ruin what has been a highly desirable upscale destination and turn it into a place overrun with considerably less desirable cruise ship day-trippers, who charge into town just long enough to have lunch, buy trinkets, and take pictures.

Most believe that the comparatively small contribution that cruise ship passengers might make to the local economy would be more than offset by loss of business from "regulars" - those who come back year after year for winter vacations and/or who stay the whole winter season. If "regulars" get turned off and decide to go elsewhere, it would devastate the local economy.

Now for a couple of Villa Vera negatives . . . .

Villa Vera is not located near a beach. The closest beach scene is to either walk to downtown Zihuatanejo (Playa Principal) or take a water taxi from the Puerto Mio dock across the harbor to Las Gatas Beach. It is a cab ride all the way around the harbor to the best beach on Zihuatanejo harbor = La Ropa beach. So, to get to the best beaches you either take a taxi to La Ropa (1/2 mile long beach with good restaurants) or a water taxi over to Las Gatas, where there is good snorkeling and a number of rustic beachfront (lunch only) restaurants.

Villa Vera itself is essentially at the end of the road; it has a gated entrace + guards at the compound entrance. For us regulars, the walk into town from Villa Vera is interesting and safe. But I can see how a first-time visitor might think it isn't the best of neighborhoods. In fact, those of us who frequent the area wouldn't have a second thought about walking down this road at night. But first-time gringos might think otherwise.

Hope this helps. We own property locally and essentially spend the winter. We've not stayed overnight at Villa Vera, but have seen many of the rooms (very nice) and really enjoy our visits to the bar/restaurant. It's one of the truly magic spots in the area.

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