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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día miércoles, 17 de noviembre, 2004 a las 20:39:42 horas :


There must be at least five or six taxis in Troncones now, making trips within and out of Troncones much easier than years ago. There are now at least two combis running between Majahua and Troncones and out to Ruta 200. I saw them going past our house at least once an hour most of the day. I think the fare is N$5, but it might be a bit more. In any case, it makes travel along this road so much easier. There is little reason for people staying in “downtown” to not nip out to Playa Manzanillo for an afternoon.

I heard a fair bit of discussion about the merits of paving the road between Troncones and Majahua. Some issues include the dust that can rise, especially during the dry season; wear and tear on vehicles; safety/speeding problems if the road is paved; and methods to adequately control traffic.

I am of two minds on this. A smooth road would be nice, but I suspect vehicle speeds would increase tremendously without some kind of speed controls. (Topes? Traffic cop?) Those potholes do help keep speeds down. On the other hand, dust can be a significant problem, especially in the “downtown” area. I don’t imagine it is helpful for businesses in the area and breathing the dust can’t be a really healthy activity.

Cel phone coverage seems to be improving... or maybe it is improved cel phones. A couple of years ago, I had to drive to the top of the "hump" to get a signal. Last week Judy Di Yanni was visiting our house and she had a clear signal on both our lower and upper decks.


With the improved transportation, there is little reason why people in the Playa Manzanillo area would not take advantage of the transportation to have lunch at El Burro Borracho or better yet at Tropic of Cancer where they can enjoy a swim in the pool as well.

Cocina del Sol at Posada Eden continues to strike me as being the outstanding restaurant in the area under Chris’ guidance and Duane’s daily attendance. Chris has opened a second restaurant named Café Sol right by the bridge “downtown”, across from Mi Casa Es Su Casa. It is a very convenient locat1on with breakfasts from 7:00 AM and lunches through to 4:00 PM. I expect the taco bar will be a hit.

The locals’ restaurants are all still there, including Dona Nica. Costa Brava was undergoing a complete renovation in October and November including a new tile roof. Las Brisas in Majahua appeared empty in November, but maybe they were just preparing for the season. R. Majahua (Martha’s) was open and as enjoyable as ever.

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