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Escrito por Ernie Gorrie desde ( el día miércoles, 17 de noviembre, 2004 a las 20:43:21 horas :


There is a terrific amount of construction going on between Troncones and Majahua. I’m guessing there are 15 properties been worked on now in that 5 km stretch. I heard there were at least 200 workers on these sites. They range from small, one-bedroom private houses to larger houses and what appear to be two or three multi-unit accommodations, either bungalow or rooms.

My sense is that there are several areas developing characteristics in Troncones. South of El Burro Borracho there seem to be some elegant two or three storey homes built on large or multiple lots. From the Burro, north to about Defin Sonriente (about 1.5 km.) seems to be the “downtown” area. This includes several tiendas, many of the restaurants and existing and developing multi-unit accommodation. North of Delfin Sonriente out to Casablanca (about 2 km.) is more of a mixture or private homes and small accommodations. There is little development over the hump until the Playa Manzanillo area, 1 km.

I think the Playa Manzanillo area out to the entrance to Majahua is shaping up nicely. In addition to the private homes on Punta Troncones there is a little vacation accommodation there.

Someone has bought about 4000 sq m. of land for a private home between TIAMB and R. Manzanillo that I’m guessing will be very tasteful. In the kilometre etween Posada Eden and Majahua at least four lots are in development. One is almost completed and has a beautiful open design with a large yoga platform. Another smaller home is being built next door by the same builder. A third will begin construction within the next couple of months.

Property prices remain firm. The lowest price I have heard for beachfront in the last six months was US$130,000 and the highest was $200,000.

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