Trip report, Nov 2 - Nov 7

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Escrito por Cara desde ( el día lunes, 22 de noviembre, 2004 a las 23:54:06 horas :

My husband and I had another great trip (#4) to Zihua -- here's a brief report.

We usually leave much later in November, but schedules would not allow, so we arrived in Zihua on election day (U.S.) -- we voted absentee, of course. :) Overall, there were fewer crowds, the weather was warmer and a bit more humid, and I did get a few bug bites (first time ever in Zihua). We typically arrive in Zihua on Thanksgiving, so this was about three weeks earlier for us. It was still as fantastic as we remembered and a glorious trip.

We stayed in Residencias Villa del Sol -- we love this spot and (of course) the use of the VDS facilities. We went straight to Orlando's upon arrival and had some margaritas, then moved on to a few shots of Hacienda de Oro tequila (our new favorite) -- the combination of air travel + no dinner + tequila left us a bit giggly and we had a tipsy game of backgammon which must have been quite a sight. We stumbled back to our room, eventually, and slept like babies.

Our days were spent as follows: breakfast at Villa del Sol, usually around 8am, then to a hpalapa for reading, trips to the infinity pool and ocean, lunch, walks on the beach, more reading, fresh lemonade and/or dacquiris, people-watching, meeting our neighbors, repeat repeat repeat. Some days we'd head to the gym before it got too hot, some days we'd take an afternoon nap, some days we'd stay at the beach all day, then go to Orlando's at 5pm sharp and have a pre-dinner cocktail.

We did dinners at Kau-Kan (we made sure Ricardo was cooking, and were able to say hello), Amuleto, and Villa de la Selva. The best dinner was definitely at Amuleto. The menu is primarily seafood, and they do it soooooo well. The view is outstanding and the taxi ride is an adventure in itself since the road is not yet paved. We had the restaurant to ourselves for most of the meal (although the hotel was almost full -- 4 of 5 rooms occupied). We asked to see the vacant room and were very impressed. Lovely furnishings, an ocean view from the shower, quiet and peaceful. Similar to La Casa Que Canta but a bit simpler in style. Kau-Kan was not quite as good as usual, but we have a real soft spot for the place since our wedding reception was held there. I think we will always return to Kau-Kan when we stay in Zihua. Villa de la Selva was VERY crowded, quite a surprise but there was a large beer convention (Corona - Modelo) in Ixtapa and it seemed that most of the attendees were having dinner there. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to be LOUD "ugly" Americans, with a fondness for crass language and not much regard for their neighbors. Our salads and appetizer were delicious but the filet mignon (usually like buttah) was a bit chewy. We still enjoyed the meal and watching the tejones roam the hillside below.

We typically don't do much shopping, but this time we had to pick up two bottles of Hacienda de Oro since it is not available in the U.S. (according to Orlando). We were also told about some lovely bead necklaces in the little alleyway market next to VDS -- they were handmade by a young girl named Francesca. We bought several to give away as Christmas presents -- they were so delicate and a whopping 40 pesos. Unbelievable. We also found a wide silver cuff bracelet for our neighbor, who was watching our cats while we were away.

The trip home was full of melancholy, as always, and customs in L.A. was the usual chaotic mindbender. But we were still so happy to have spent another magical vacation in our favorite place. We will be back next year (maybe sooner).

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