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If I were to take the time to make this a very organized, well written report, it would never happen so bare with me as I share some of the highlights of our trip and other miscelleaous thoughts.

The first 4 nights were spent at Dorado Pacifico with my daughters. Had stayed there many years ago and it is a decent value for what you receive. I do think they added a lot of glass, I remember it being more open air in the public areas and corridors. One negative about the room was that one daughter was badly bitten, one moderately and me, only slightly. I wasn't sure it was from the room, although I did see some no-see-ums. Other guests checking out when we were, complained about being eaten alive while in their rooms. A thread a little lower down the board suggests some solutions, which might be a great idea for anyone staying there.
We only ate snacks and drinks at the hotel, which were all fine.
The best dining we found in Ixtapa was Franks, for dinner. It is back in the plaza and the food was creative and wonderful. The place was very lively, entertaining and engaging wait staff. It was certainly the livliest restaurant I encountered in the whole trip. Most others were too empty to be "entertaining", more about that later. Los Mandiles has a wonderful tortilla soup and caesar salad, well known for their giant margaritas, but it was a ghost town. Breakfast at Cafe Opal, only place to find an octopus omlette: La Hacienda and Momma Normas both good food and a good value.
Our first full day, Friday, we went to see Laura, the school and library in Barra de Potosi. One of the highlights of the trip! Laura was a gracious hostess, tour guide and IMHO, the driving force in encouraging the village to recognise the value of education. Right now the library is housed in the living room of her Bed and Breakfast. The library building is right next door but needs some major repair before it can be occupied. I understand the roof work began last week (with Rico now in Zihua)part of the task force. We had a meager amount of school supplies (in comparison to need) and other items with us, Laura also stores them until the goods can be equally distributed abong 125 students. The make a celebration out of The "Giveaways" so that the children understand after they receive their education, they must continue the cycle of "giveaways." (I hope I got that right, Laura) We were able to visit both the kindergarden and secondary school while they were in session...facinating.
Another fun day was the combo tour with Leticia as our guide. This is the second time I've done a tour with her, she is knowledgable and fun. Talked alot out about the culture and traditions, many I knew from previous visits but it was a great way to introduce my daughters to Mexico. They have been twice before with me, but more the inclusive, stay at the resort type trip. This time I thought they should see the Mexico I fell in love with.
When the girls left, I moved to my beloved Zihua. This was my first stay at CASA BUENAVENUTURA, and exceeded all my expectations! I thought this was one of Don Francisco's propertys, but he merely acts as an agent for Laura, who owns the property. The room are huge with wonderful beds and a sunken seating area. Breakfast is included and there is a small refrigerator in the room, which I always appreciate. The pool is lovely and the view of LaRopa is wonderful. This 6 room bed and breakfast sits almost directly across from the dolphin fountain, a very easy walk down to the beach.
Now, I mentioned this last year and must say again that I found the service on LaRopa to indifferent. As you walk the beach, many waiters will come out with a menu to invite you to their restaurant, but once there you may not see a server for 20 or 30 minutes. I have visited long enough to know and understand the Mexican culture, I hope this avoids any replys suggesting I am a spoiled gringa, in reality, I am very patient and laid back. The one pleasant surprise was El Manglar, a little tricky to navigate the plank one must cross, but the food and service were wonderful. Chef Apollo visited the tables to be sure all guests vere satisfied.
Board party Thursday night for pozole at Rico Mar. I was a pozole virgin, until then, but it was fabulous! Met Rico, Lee, Lorenzo, S2B and Mary Rushing. A few others who were not of the message board but interested in Project Zihua. The following night Rico and I had dinner Las Braseros (?) for great pastor and a lot of fun with the hostesses young son. Drinks at Rick's Bar and local entertainment.
I'm sure there are many more recommendations but before this get's too long and boring, adios and can't wait to return in Februay!

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