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This is a response I gave to a similar question on another board the other day:

We have been to Zihuatanejo several times during Semana Santa. It's definitely a different experience, but not altogether an unpleasant one. We're going down again this year during Easter week, because it's our only choice with the kids' school vacation.
It's quite a bit busier, with many more Mexican tourists. The cab drivers aren't too happy with it all, because it means traffic jams in town, and most of the Mexican tourists don't use the taxis. There are, however, many more activities happening, particularly at the basketball courts. Last time we were there during Semana Santa, there was a week-long festival of Oaxacan food, crafts, dance, and music. The beaches are more crowded, but not like Coney Island. Lots more beach soccer and volleyball happening. And the hotels are much more full. I'd probably take the quieter times, but the is a festival atmosphere in town that's kind of fun.
And, unlike PV or Mazatlan, you don't get lots of college "spring breakers". There's a palm parade downtown on Palm Sunday, and the usual Spring Parade on the day of Benito Juarez, usually around the 21st of March.
If things get too busy, we can always head on down to La Barra for a little down time. It certainly beats staying home and watching the rain out the window.

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