Notes from a Zihua Virgin #1\

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Escrito por Steve from Portlan-- desde ( el día jueves, 02 de diciembre, 2004 a las 23:39:02 horas :

Wow! Got back last night from a week in Zihuatanejo. We all had a great time with the fine people we met. What a wonderful experience. Tired, heading to bed; wanted to share one thing before headboard bound.
We stayed at Miss Laura's seven room bed and breakfast, Casa Buenaventura, and wanted to give it a wonderful A+ in helping us to thoroughly enjoy our stay.
Between the great pool and chaise-lounge area and the simple but clean and art-filled rooms, we were very pleased with the staff and accomodations afforded by our wonderful host, Ms. Laura. The great locat1on, just above Villa del Sol on La Ropa Beach is excellent. Also, I'd like to acknowledge Francisco Iberra Riverra for his professionalism; the guy is definitely for real. I want to write a more extensive report about the great time we had in this wonderful town. But before that happens, I want to thank these folks who went way out of their way to make our trip so excellent. Thanks Zihua, we really had a great time. Goodnight, Steve

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