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Escrito por Stacy in South Dakota desde (?) el día lunes, 06 de diciembre, 2004 a las 10:12:43 horas :

En respuesta a: Fishing with Captain Vargas escrito por Tom desde ( el día viernes, 03 de diciembre, 2004 a las 13:14:18 horas :

I've been fishing with Alfredo on the Whiskey III and Alejandro on his panga. I went four consecutive days on the Whiskey III and we caught 5-6 sails a day for a total of 22. Only one didn't make it. Some of them threw their stomachs, but the crew carefully doctored them and released the fish. When they put the fish back in the water, Alfredo followed the fish to make sure they were going to swim off. I know many of the captains there wouldn't have made an effort to revive some of the fish we released. I went tuna fishing with alejandro. He tried real hard, but we couldn't come up with any. We did have a "by-catch" of 6 sails, though and one of those was the largest I had ever seen by a long way. It started as a double hookup and the smaller of the pair was landed by my wife before I could make a turn on my fish and I was nearly spooled before we could use the boat to catch up with it. The captain estimated it at 70 kilos. A trophy anywhere in the world.

I've also fished with Santiago on the Gitana and Luis Maciel on the Gringo loco and they would be great choices for you too. When I go for Roosters, Adolpho on the Dos Hermanos is my first choice.

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