Notes & thoughts on a great 1st time visit to Zihua

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Escrito por Bill desde ( el día miércoles, 15 de diciembre, 2004 a las 21:21:27 horas :

What a beautiful bay - Madera, La Ropa , & Gatas. Tropical, classy, and enchanting. I don't know what kind of sewage control/ treatment they have, but I do hope it won't go the way of Acapulco bay or Mazatlan bay. Very smoggy at times. Reminded me of SF Bay area in the 60's before the stringent smog control laws. A very friendly, informative, and proud native people. Beautiful sunset view from Sotovento to La Perla. Good pozole at Ricomar and great tortillas at Porto di Mare. Hard to find a good whitefish fillet, though, they all seemed to be mahi-mahi. Found Barra de Potosi to be a so-so day trip, but the food at the first sea-side restaurant very good and so cheap that on the menu I felt like ordering page 1.
Wheras everyone at Z told me it would be 500 pesos for transpotation to and from B de Potosi, I took the local bus to Achotes for 10 pesos and a pickup truck to B de Potosi for 8 pesos, totalling 36 pesos round-trip.
The pickup drivers got a 6-pack of Modelo before each 20 minute ride and finished half on each way. I guess I'm generalizing but I find a beer on a very hot day to be a pick-me-up to a Latino and a downer to an Anglo. Found the local bus and pickup ride to be a great way to meet the local people. Enjoyed the strolling troubadors very much. I had a few songs written for me in Spanish, so Karen and I were able to sing-along to "Ella"' Alla en el Ranch Grande", "Pipitipao", and "El Rey". Enjoyed the very simple romantic song of "Zihuatanejo" very much. The local reef fish seemed to bite on anything, including my ankles, but were very difficult to hook. How come every time I ordered a Margarita without salt on the rocks, almost every time it came back blended with salt? Also, how come everywhere we went in Z, most of the locals knew this guy named "Curly"? Good prices on silver an opals. But terrible prices on hamburgers. The older fellow with the rolling cart that says "Hot Dogs - Hamburgers" in front of the basketball court charged me 40 pesos for a hamburger with 2 paper thin burgers slices. Great ice-cream and paleta stores. Bill and karen

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