Squeaky the Siamese cat

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Escrito por Rob desde (cpe-66-75-68-113.socal.rr.com) el día viernes, 17 de diciembre, 2004 a las 15:49:53 horas :

We just spent two fantastic weeks in Zihua - got married on La Ropa, the whole shebang. What a trip. We stayed at Casa Rosa, and the same little Siamese cat that has hung with us there the last two years came back again. I suspect she has a "home" somewhere nearby, because she looks fixed and reasonably well cared for (but she liked our company and the menu). Anyway, it was sad to leave her, but we did leave a bunch of canned and dry cat food at Casa Rosa in the hope that subsequent guests staying there (or Casa Hueso) can continue to help keep her fed. All of kitty-dom would be grateful. Thanx.

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