Back from 19 days at Barcelo

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Escrito por chitown nick desde ( el día domingo, 19 de diciembre, 2004 a las 18:28:44 horas :

This year we stayed a little longer than usual. Almost all of your favorites are still at the Hotel. Exceptions, Renae the towel lady had some problems and had to leave. Also Jose and his son Ebert have moved back to Aculpolco. The 3 new young men doing the pool activities are terrrible. To think Alex did everthing by himself and they let him go because he wanted a few more pesos and a lunch. Now it takes 3 guys who do nothing. The first week we were there, there were NO activities, except BINGO. Volleyball games were more of an accident than planned. They thought the water was cold. The Don Quiote continues to think it's a good eating place and turns people away with shorts on. Odd when we had great meals at Beccoffino's,Bogarts, Villa de la Selva, and Puerto del Sol all with nice shorts on. The Hotel was only at 45% occupancy, per Mr. Barrera, but we thought there was less than that. Only had 3 people from Canada, don't know what happened to that market. The first two weeks Apple only had half full plane. Weather seemed a few degrees cooler this year but the nights were great. The BVG next door is only about a third done on the outside. Lots of work to go but no noise for us at the Barcelo.

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