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Escrito por Celeste desde ( el día miércoles, 22 de diciembre, 2004 a las 12:19:52 horas :

We're still here in Zihuatanejo enjoying ourselves, but thought I would post a couple of the things we thought would be useful to others.

We stayed November in Troncones. Yes it is as fabulous as everyone says! We discovered that we could take a micro (white vans with stripe along side) north to the next little town Majahua, out to Highway #200, or even to La Union or Lagunillas. Lagunillas has a market on Mondays and La Union has a market on Tuesdays. One of the micros says "Troncones" on the front windshield and the other one says "Troncones, La Union, Majahua" on the windshield. Best this is to ask the driver. The vans go along the highway into the center of Troncones, then north along the little dirt beach road. If you get out when you reach Highway #200, you can connect with one of the white (Blanco) buses that travel south to Zihuatanejo or north to Lagunillas, La Union, and Cardenas (sorry, the full name has slipped my mind.) The micro out to Highway #200 is 5 pesos. If it goes on to Lagunillas, it is another 5 pesos. If you take the Blanco bus from the intersection to Lagunillas, it is 5 pesos. I think in to Zihua it was 15 pesos on the Blanco bus from the intersection. It will take you to #59 on Jared's map, which is identified as the bus station to Petatlan. This is only two blocks from the mercado. You can also catch a bus to Troncones there, tell the driver and helper that you want off at Troncones, then wait at the intersection for one of the micros to take you into Troncones. There is a little tienda there at the intersection, and it seems like there are always other people waiting for the micro too.

If you take the micro to Majahua, have lunch at Enramada Gladys. We had the most absolutely fabulous lunches of fish and shrimp, each for 85 pesos. Out of this world, right on the beach!

Next post will be: how to extend you tourist visa when the Immigrations officer failed to give you enough time when you arrived!

¡Feliz Navidad!

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