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Is it safe to take a day drive either north or south of troncones and if so which would be a better trip

It is safe to drive up and down the coastal highway. It is not safe to drive in the interior region of Guerrero.

As far as which is better, if you only have a day, in my opinion it would be best to go South!

Going North, you will come to a large, industrial city called Lazaro Cardenas. It is not a particularly interesting place, and they don't have nice beaches. From there North, there is only a little place called Playa Azul, but it isn't worth driving to from Troncones.

You are much better going South from Troncones. I'd go down to the airport turnoff to Playa Larga, along the ocean to Barra de Potosi, take a quick peek, then up the paved road to Los Achotes, then over to Petatlan. I haven't been south of Petatlan, but I hear there is a beach with a lot of turtles on it, one where you can take a boat to a little island or something. But there are several towns that way I believe. Going North, there is very little to make an interesting day trip to.

From Lazaro Cardenas, I would highly recommend a trip inland to Uruapan, Patzcuaro or Morelia, but you would need to have a sleep over to do it. The other towns along that highway such as Nueva Italia or Apatzingan are pretty rough places too if you go in to them. I wouldn't bother. Once you get out of the hot areas of Michoacan, it is very safe too. Perhaps you could make a day trip going to Uruapan. It would be about 3 hours driving to get there I think.

But they have a beautiful national park with a big waterfall, among other things. It would give you a glimpse of Colonial Mexico.

Make a day trip going South to Petatlan, or inland to Uruapan if you are up for a bit more driving.

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