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Escrito por KR desde ( el día miércoles, 18 de mayo, 2005 a las 12:40:30 horas :

En respuesta a: Driving escrito por John La Plante desde ( el día martes, 17 de mayo, 2005 a las 19:45:42 horas :

IMHO, SD to Loredo is a REALLY LONG way around, mate......!

As an old Carlsbad resident, I've regularly taken hwy 8 East into AZ, then turned south @ Gila Bend (half-way from Yuma to Tuscon) thru the Organ Pipe National to the X-ing @ Lukeville. Absolutely NOBODY at the border there.....ever! And, this route is sort of 'the bias' of the 'the right triagle' which cuts a dramatic amount of time of the SD-east-to-Loredo route..... for sure (plus, MINIMUM amount of US Highway Patrol/radar 'exposure'!).

From Lukeville, it's a smooth shot over to 200 south with little or no traffic on a surprisingly NICE hwy tru the desert. You can make SD to Guaymas on the first day ("prefered day 1 stop", but a long day drive), then Guaymas to Mazatlan on Day 2 (another long day). From Mazatlan, you can 'fly' on the autopista around Guadalajara straight to Morelia, arriving Morelia easily on day 3.

But if you've got the time, a full day stop in Mazatlan is well worth the 'hold-over', especially @ Playa Las Brujas on the FAR north end of the coastal strip (10 mins past the harbor/condos/hotels). BEST and BIGGEST shrimp you'll probably find anywhere in Mexico! In fact, we often do a quick coastal run from San Miguel to Maz just to kick-back @ Restaurante Las Bujas (the only one there!) and devour those succulent little monsters for 3-4 days at a crack!

All 3 days are LOOOONG day drives, so set the alarm, leave at the crack of dawn, and try not to drive at night (especially through Sonora and Sinaloa (and even Nayarit)......... Y Manejan Con Dios, Siempre, muchacho

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