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Escrito por ShrlybinDesMoines desde ( el día lunes, 10 de enero, 2005 a las 13:11:21 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Casa Cuitlateca escrito por Pam in NJ desde ( el día lunes, 10 de enero, 2005 a las 12:40:51 horas :

We were there 2 years ago also in late October. The property is simply beautiful. We checked in and was given the run of the place since there were no other guests - but even staying in the best room - we checked out in 2 hours. I had a confirmed reservation well in advance of our arrival - had even talked to them a day or two before we arrived - since we were staying at another place on LaRopa. We arrived to find that they just were not ready for guests. There was no cook for breakfast or dinner - the whirlpool wasn't filled etc. etc. While we were offered the use of the hotel car to go where we wanted for food - it just wasn't working for us. So off we went. I did get a full refund (I had paid in full and in advance). I found out later that I had been talking with the owner - who had even made us cookies when we arrived. He was very gracious and did not question our decision. We do back later in the week for drinks and to show friends the rooms. They are really beautiful. I left with the impression that perhaps they really didn't want to run this as business - maybe more of a getaway for their own family and friends which is fine. For me - once you reach that more than $200 per night - my expectations get pretty high. I would still recommend for a sunset drink and perhaps things have changed in the last couple years.

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