very short trip report & link to Nov 2004 photos

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Escrito por Scarlett desde ( el día sábado, 15 de enero, 2005 a las 06:11:18 horas :

Below is a link to first set of photos from my first visit to Zihua in Nov 2004 over thanksgiving week.

Thanks to everyone on this board for all the great tips. Y'all made my travels so much more enjoyable.

BTW - I'm the one who asked about vegie restaurants. I planned to report on my best vegie experiences, but I found the FRESH seafood (the only flesh I eat) so GOOD, I had seafood with almost every meal. The seafood stuffed chile at Elvira's was my fav casual meal of the week and they made STRONG margaritas to top it off. BTW - "NO CARNE" worked great when I needed a break. Everyone was very accommodating. Loved the Zihua folks, much warm friendliness.

Back to food - best Guac I found was at the new little beach bar on the other side of Hotel Brisas Del Mar (where we stayed) from MJ Richies. It was called Cafe Marina, I think.

MJ Richies made great fresh chopped chunky salsa or pica de galo (sp?) and we loved Martha (the "h" is not pronounced but I'm not sure how to spell her name) she always called us by name and treated us like guest in her home.

We did not have one bad meal. We ate at La Gula (sp?) - fabulous food and experience - best fancy meal. We also ate at Puerto del Sol, La Perla (right out front in the sand - cool), had breakfast at La Casa Cafe and Neuva Zolanda (best).

I also discovered tres generations tequila - it would be sacrilege to add mixer to that!!!! WoW

As for our lodgings, we stayed at Hotel Brisas del Mar in a standard suite with two double beds. We loved it. Huge terrace with great view of the entire bay. Double sink with long counter-top - plenty of room for two traveler's toiletries. Plenty of hot water with great water pressure. Nice size room, with stocked fridge and a mini market right across the street for buying water on the cheap. Staff was wonderful. Whatever we needed we got promptly and with a smile. My only complaint - they need to put a ceiling fan in our room. They may have them in other rooms, but not ours. We had a very efficient and new A/C in the room, but no fan and we like to sleep with the door open for fresh air and sound of surf. I ended up sleeping out on the terrace (they had lounge chairs with terry cloth covered cushions) because the room was too stuffy at night without moving air. My travel partner slept fine in the room. Different strokes for different folks. With that one reservation, I would RECOMMEND Hotel Brisas del Mar to anyone.

We love BdM's locat1on on Madera beach. It's a great swimming beach, good for body surfing most of the time, never crowded, and the walk to town along the water walkway was PERFECT. I loved strolling into town when ever I wanted.

One more thing (so much for short) I LOVED the trip to Las Gatas. The snorkeling was quit good and the "pick-a-chair-order-a-drink-and-hang-out-all-day" routine suited me just fine. I met some really cool people just hanging out between snorkeling and they all offered to watch my stuff for me while I was in the water. That was great as I went to Gatas on my own. When I left, I still had everything I went over with PLUS a few necklaces I bought for holiday gifts from a sweet lady who I will recognize when I go back but can't remember her name right now. She had quality hand made jewelry with lots of fine fresh water pearls.

That's it for the report. I could only post 6 days of photos before running out of room on the standard comcast web page builder. I'll try to remember to post a link to the last 2 days of photos after everyone has had a chance to look at these - just click on the link below and enyoy!!!

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