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Just back -
Yes to Inet Access - Biz Centre off Main Lobby
You don't HAVE to walk to the beach, there is a 'beach elevator' from the 10th floor. However, the walkways are attractive and extensive, and it makes for a great walk.
They discourage you bringing 'stuff' from outside the hotel with a sign posted at the entrance. It did not, however, discourage us. :-))) That said, best you buy a styro cooler at Bodega or CM as the minibar/fridge sucks for cool. Ice is plentiful. While we tried for reasonable discretion at the beach, there were others with HUGE coolers on the beach and, to my knowledge, not a word was said. DH usually took beer &/or VT's down and of course agua while I usually ordered from the beach bar. Dave at the beach bar is great & will look after you concientiously but not intrusively. Oh - you can buy liquor at the Miscellena in the lobby but it's far cheaper at CM or Bodega. Miscellena makes great sandwiches too!
The electricity in the room is controlled by your room key card, thus the refrig goes off when you leave. Who thought that one thru???
We ate at each of the restaurants and enjoyed the food at all. Solarium is great for breakfast though often open only for lunch if the hotel is not full. Bellavista is usually open for breakfast and not for lunch unless the hotel is . . . Over NY's both were open at all times but once the crowds left after NY's, they switched to alternate openings.
Portafino & Mexicana were both good (but cold - take a sweater) as was Brisas II. B2 takes the honors for ambience hands down.
The staff are all very friendly and helpful - great people. I did not find any 'downgrade' in service when a convention arrived for a few days while we were there nor over NY's when it was really full.
There is a neat room down where Portafino and Mexicana are that has a bar, some tables and chairs and a long backgammon table. Would be fun to sit and play backgammon after dinner with a brandy in hand.
Our room was on the 11th floor and very convenient for getting to the beach. However, were I to go again with another couple, I'd book the Virreyes Suite on the 18th (Lobby Level). It has two separate bedrooms and full baths with a sitting room & powder room in between the two bedrooms. There is a double door entrance to the 'sitting room' plus each bedroom has its own entrance door (from the hallway). And it has it's own pool with a table and stools at one end. Very cool! :-))) I will of course need to win the lottery first!
I'm midst house clean up as we're selling but once done with that, I'll post a full report and pictures.
Hope that helps.
Ciao Holly
Ate at both Portofino

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