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I offer this report to any and all. Please forgive the typos which I am sure I will make.

While I find it difficult to remain objective as I consider myself a realist and believe I tell my story truthfully and from my point of view given my 60+ years on this planet.

1) Traveled to Z on a Saturday (non-stop) for the 1st time (our 5th) trip. What a zoo! Immigration slow but steady. Green light!

2) There were 2 couples in our group so we negotiated a Suburban for 360 pesos.

3) Villa Carolina is still as magnificent as ever, warm reception, great staff, superior service and clean enought to do brain surgery any where within the compound. Quick run into Centro for Pesos then to the Commercial for the usual coffee, wine, beer, pastries, leche, munchies etc. Quick run down to Elviras' for a powerful and tasty Margaurita. Enjoyed the "Open Bar" get together for the guests of the Carolina and finally settled in a La Perla about 7:30. Said Hi to Francisco, ordered dinner (nothing to brag about here, I think the food quality is deteriorating over the years) Enjoyed a cigar while walking back to Carolina in the surf. Ah that peaceful sleep to the sound of the surf.

4) Spent a couple of days at Otilla's. Franco is still as charming and warm as ever. (Peachy Keen, Why Not!) Cold Modelo Negro's, great lunch and Franco too!

OBSERVATION # 1: Stay out of town when those monster cruise ships are in port. Seemed like there was a ship in every other day! Talked to several shop keepers mainly restaurants and they like the ships for the lunch trade ( still way to much foot traffic for me to consider being in Centro when ships are in.

5) Two days of fishing. Vamonos II with Capt Rene 1st day. Great Captain, great clean boat, 9 sails hooked 6 to the boat and 5 released 1 threw it's stomach and we couldn't get it back in.

2nd day of fishing with Capt Cali of the Minerva (super Panga)another great fisherman. This guy knew what he was doing we caught so many sails (to the boat) we quit at 11:30. On this trip we glided along next to a pod of Dolphins, saw Sea Turtles, cavorting sails, and a magnificent black and yellow sea snake.

6) Dinners: LA PERLA (so so),VILLA DE LA SELVA great sunset food just ok), TAMALES ANY still the best, great green Posole!! LOS BRASERO'S great fish Tacos and Pastor, excellent Horchata. CASA BAHIA really nice view and that's it! Maybe this place had it figured out once upon a time but not right now. Drinks were weak..........waiter did not get anything right that we ordered (close but not what we ordered)garlic and oil instead of marinara, Carbonara instead of Alfredo and to be honest it was YUK anyway. Went to COCONUTS for desert and after dinner drink (Great Coconut cheese cake with coconut ice cream and excellent Bananas Foster.....NOW FOR THE FIND OF OUR TRIP................CAPRICHOS GRILL!!!!!!next to the church on Cinqo De Mayo. This is a small intimate open air place with great ambiance and exquisite food. The service was excellent, prompt, responsive and not rushed nor too slow. The grilled preparation and presentation is as good as it gets in Z (and we have eaten at La Casa Que Canta and Amuleto which we consider classy) The Marguarita's were fantastic and the wines while a short list were well chosen and of better than average quality. Joaquin the owner, is a bright intelligent young man from Mexico City with a vision. If you intend to go to dinner there after 7PM make a reservation because you will need it. We went twice, the 2nd time to make sure what we experience the first time wasn't an illusion. It wasn't. PS: the prices are really good too.

7) Entertainment: BAY CLUB (will go there again! SANKA GRILL had a father and son act from Mexico City (Pan pipes and guitar) Great! BLUE MAMOU......went on Wednesday night, the night after the Grand Opening there was a group from this board there and they compromised about 40% of the patrons. The music was really good and even some of the "jammers" were excellent. One little local kid was unbelievable on the guitar. I wish these guys well but don't see how they can make it. Not a good locat1on although you can't miss the building. Not too many people actually dining there and we dropped in two more times after wednesday and the place was not very full. Steve and Kenny were gracious and really enjoyed chatting with them. Again I wish them all the success in the world!

8) Rained like hell Thursday night (1st time we have seen rain in 5 trips) thunder lightening, and torrential down pour, it was beautiful.

9) Saturday morning 3 to 400 pound Crocodile on La Ropa on the wrong side of the fence, local firemen on the scene with a rope......quite entertaining.

10) Taxi back to airport 120 pesos. Hasta Luego when does 2006 get here?

OBSERVATIONS IN CONCLUSION: I guess this is where the flack will come from. Z is changing and rapidly too. Way to much construction and way to many people! Rob...it's locals who are selling out to corporations, so when the digging and the building begins stop putting the blame on non Mexican outsiders for what is happening. If the local land owners weren't so greedy and stopped selling out, Z's problems might be diminished a bit.

ZIHUATANEJO is still a place of charm and comfort and the local people are for the most part magnificent.

North Americans particularly Americans and Canadians reaffirm that "UGLY AMERICANS" still exist. ( Oh, I am so sure that this will draw the slings and arrows but look hard around you and at yourself and then tell me I am wrong)

We are as a group grossly overweight, I have never seen so many fat obese women over 40 in one place at one time in my life. There should be a law against people like that wearing bathing suits. The men aren't too far behind. Hey it's basically a free world and if you need to dig your way into your grave with a spoon and fork then so be it. Just consider that we see you and you don't. The airport lookef like a convention of hefers and porkers. I would venture to say that the mahority of those people haven't looked down and seen their feet in years.

NA's just never get the clue that they are guests in a foreign land (we have seen this all over the world) We are as a group obnoxious, over bearing, inconsiderate, ignorant and expect way to much of everything to be (our way)rather than trying to adapt to the societal environment we placed ourselves in by traveling to such places. Now I realize this is not the majority of us but when you look around there are enough of the people I have described to make an impact.

We saw drunks wandering the streets, arguing with shop keepers and making spectacles of themselves in restaurants. Why must people push and shove and be FIRST.........do they really think that the plane is going to leave with out them even though they are in the que to board the flight.

And do we all really think that every shop keeper in Z is trying to rip us off? Iunderstand that "Haggleing" is part of the culture but do we have to make it a confrontation. Next time you go to Target or Sears or Dillards try haggleing there.

To all that visit Z, we wish you sunshine, clears skies, starry nights and cool breezes. Remember we are guests!

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