Trip report jan. 14-28 Krystal Ixtapa

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Escrito por Juanny desde ( el día lunes, 31 de enero, 2005 a las 11:30:48 horas :

Wow what a great time! The remodeled pool was beautiful. The rooms are next to be redone. Our 16th trip to I/Z and our 9th to the Krystal. We did A/I for the first time and pretty sure the last time. There are just too many places to try. Some of our favorites are La Casa Veija went twice but only saw Frida once. Emelios once for pizza and once for the Ribs! YUMMY. Found out that they add in the tip. Thought that was odd and glad that I asked. Carlos and Charlies always a fav for lunch. Also had dinner twice and it was great. Marthas was also great the best dorado we had. Also did some exploring at Las Gatas and Troncones. Tried La Escollera up the hill from La Ropa great view but the Dorado was old and or overcooked.We were sad to hear no more dinners at Casa cuitlateca. Another highlight was the Blue Mamou what a great place! Sorry we missed the board party the 19 th. We went twice and had alot of fun both nights. We are already planning for next year! Went to CM and did some shopping. What a neat place. We meet many new friends and saw many old friends it is like coming home. And already I miss it.

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