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Escrito por Debbie desde (px2cv.gv.shawcable.net) el día domingo, 06 de febrero, 2005 a las 12:59:43 horas :

For anyone considering the area, it is a great choice for a vacation. These aren't complaints (we had none) but a few tidbits we would have found helpful
1. If you've already packed, take at least half out of your bag. I only took a third out and was still overpacked. With heat & casual atmosphere, not much is needed.
2. On arrival at Airport, we were approached by a Royal Holdidays rep (aka timeshare)but he told us that he was a federal tourism type rep & thus got us to come to a welcome brunch. The hook is free Ixtapa Island trip & if you pay the extra money for taxi, they DO return it after the do thier brunch & pitch. He was working in conjuction with the taxi stand at airport. We weren't ripped off (other than taxi was a few bucks more than it likely should have been)but it was a pain in the butt that we could have avoided if we had known.
3. Taxi from airport cost us 280 pesos, when we left it was only about 70 pesos to get taken to the airport. Not a real big deal but maybe something to ask about. Almost everywhere in Z was 15-30 pesos.
4. a good road map seemed impossible to find in Ixtapa,not sure if they'd be found in Z but we didn't end up looking there - if you are planning on renting a vehicle to do more exploring than immed. area, keep your eye out ahead of time for good map. Alamo had best deal on rental - VW bug/convertible $600 pesos/day
5. When we go again we'd be wary of shellfish in town.
6. Prices in Ixtapa are higher than US or Canada (that was a bit surprising)Zihuatenejo was much more reasonable.
7. We had read some posting about pollution at some beaches. The only thing we noticed was at Madeira Beach, although some people were swimming there (and harvesting oyters!) there is definitely a noticeable odor of sewage. We spent time at all the other beaches & never saw any other signs.

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