Trip Report 1/24-1/31

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We checked in to the Krystal around noon. New pool and and there appeared to be plenty of chairs and palapas all week. Ophelia, the cook at the pool snack shack, is a delight.

Walked the beach towards the Pacifica resort and noticed that the Hotel Aristos is gone and huge condo towers are taking its place. Also, the Riviera is now the Emporio. Ate dinner at Carlos y Charlie's on the beach. The food there is much better than it has to be.

Played tennis Wednesday at the Dorado Pacifico due to the fact that the Krystal has sold a huge chunk of their land and a condo sales center was built where the tennis courts used to be. Salvador at the Dorado is the man to see about tennis. Walked the beach towards the Marina and noticed that the Continental Plaza is now the Costa Real. One other thing, the Delfiniti next to the Posada Real is shameful. Didn't go in and would advise against it. The more you pay the more you get to stress the dolphins. More about this in another string. Anyhow, topped of the day with a full frontal sunset at Villa de la Selva.

Zihuatanejo on Thursday. Took a walk to the public library Bibioteca Municipal "Cuauhtemoc". The librarian was pleased to see us and allowed me to take a picture of El Indio which is a large wall mural. I assumed that El Indio was the Aztec king Cuauhtemoc. There is another mural depicting the battles with the Conquistadores near the entrance. Across the street is a plaza with busts of historical leaders scattered about. There is another large mural that shows the history of Mexico from the Spanish invasion to the signing of the Constitution in 1917. Needless to say this whole area was a photo op. Lunch at Coconuts was next and then a stroll along the pier. Of course, shopping was included during the day. I am happy to see that Zihua has stayed pretty much the same over the past two years. Ate dinner at La Casa de Adobe across the street from the Emporio. Joaquim, the manager, turned us on to tacos "Warren" which I think was a visitor from Philadelphia who taught the cook to make a Philly cheese steak taco. They were excellent as well as the 2 for 1 Margaritas. One negative note: way too many Chiclets kids at night on Ixtapa Blvd.

On Friday we rented bikes and rode to Playa Linda. It is about 8 kilometers on a wide well marked paved trail of which half of it runs through Aztlan Ecological Park. Dinner at Bogart's was excellent. It is truly an assault on the senses.

Saturday was a kick around the pool/beach day. Jose de Guadalupe was psychic when it came to knowing when we had just finished our drinks. He worked the pool and the beach and always knew where we were. Entresol at the Marina was a great place for dinner; Eugenio made sure that all was well.

Sunday was another beach day after some shopping at the outdoor stands in Ixtapa. Dinner at El Faro was very good and the view and the live music were a great way to enjoy a meal and end a trip.

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